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on-page optimization

Importance Of On-Page Optimization And How To Do It Right!

I am sure avid readers of my blog already know this about me – I love anything and everything pertaining to SEO. Apart…
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startups with low marketing budgets

Things Startups With Low Marketing Budgets Can Do!

Today is one of those days of self-reflection for me. As I finished a team meeting, I was taken back to when our…
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yoda quotes

Top 5 Yoda Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Star Wars has a special place in my heart. To this day, I love the scene of Yoda lifting up Luke’s X-Wing through…
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hamlet batista

A Deserving Eulogy To Hamlet Batista

COVID-19 has caused havoc in the lives of many. As we adjust to the new norm, each of us had to adjust to…
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website content factors

Planning An SEO Audit? 5 Website Content Factors To Assess

And just like that, another year has gone by! Now that we have entered 2021, it is time for one of my favorite…
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4 Ways To Decrease Bounce Rate That Every Marketer Should Know

Yeah! My website is up and running! After weeks of marketing, visitors are finally trickling in to check out what I have to…
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traffic driving channel

Is Search Engine Your Major Traffic Driving Channel? Think Again!

Customers are the essential pieces of your business puzzle. They help you remain competitive and profitable. But that also means you need a…
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5 Best SEO Trends To Look Out For In 2021

Internet was my savior in 2020. The year reemphasized what all of us knew all along– the power of the online world. With…
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Duplicate Content – The #meme style

Duplicate Content exists everywhere. And you cannot avoid it either. After all, we do encounter this type of Duplicate content in the Real…
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Want To Succeed Online? Make Your Website Mobile Commerce Optimized

Tap, tap, tap! From selection to delivery, that’s all it takes. For me, this is a Godsend. As a working mom, I’ve fallen…
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landing page for Start-up

What To Consider While Creating A GREAT Landing Page For Start-Up?

In today’s digitalized world, starting a business and finding one is much easier. Just a while ago, I found a budding business for…
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optimizing your cart

Increase Your Conversions By Optimizing Your Cart And Checkout Page

I was just browsing an online website to find the perfect jacket for the winters. However, the checkout process was so complex that…
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