4 Tips to Make your Content Go Viral

There is lot of chaos in the SEO world and many different aspects of SEO are still a mystery to people but two topics are just inevitable to hear about in while being in this industry are: ‘SEO is dead!’ – As people never get tired of writing about it… and the other is:

Content is King!

Of course the battle for kingship between user and Content will always continue, as people just cannot settle on one. But one thing where all SEOs and content developers will agree is the importance of viral content, that can’t be over stated.

Every day SEOs and content developers work from 9AM till 6PM and even more… to create such content that can go viral and attracts most readers and receive lots of traffic, social shares that ultimately help in business growth.

Say it fortunately or unfortunately, the primary formula of building viral content is to Create Awesome Content but we are well aware that creating awesome content is not enough. After all, it always requires some extra topping to make it a cake finger licking good. Thus, you should be aware of supporting factors that can help your creative and link bait content to go far and wide. With that said, here are a few ideas that will help you make your awesome content go far and wide.

Mix Medium Content:

Content should not necessarily be in the text format, but it can also be created in the mix of text, images and videos. Remember, “A picture is worth a thousand words” thus, it is more influential than any of text based content, for seeking your audiences’ attention. That is the only reason why I prefer the content piece to be in different mediums. This way you can hook people through different mediums, whether it is Youtube, Pinterest or search engines.

Ranking high on the bases of contextual content could be hard bait. However, with the versatility of vertical search a.k.a universal search you can play your cards wisely and attain high traffic rate through HQ images and videos. You can also share them via social media allowing people to talk about you.

*In this post I will consider that you already have the awesome content available!

Easy to Share:

Sharing is Caring! This is what most people believe. Psychologically when people like something, they want to share it with others in their circle. Making your content interesting as well as easy to share can help you in terms of getting more engrossment. The more people will share the more chances for the content to go viral and attract more eyeballs.

Talk on Trend:

Talking about the latest is the best way to create hype. The trick is to talk and create your content according to or about latest trends to gain more traffic than normal. After all people are always seeking for something new to explore and to talk about.

For example if you are an online store selling cloths, then developing a content related to Christmas clothing and make it live in start of December will be a great idea as it will get more eye balls , links and eventually sales out of it.

Although Titanic and SEO have nothing in common but this post by HOBO-WEB was indeed a smart way to get traffic and links from through talking about the latest.

Thumbs up from Influencers:

Influencers are the backbone of any industry/niche as they are the active members who are involved in research and industry building process from multiple angles. They also are good source of help for newbies and other professionals through QnAs, write-ups on different blogs and through conferences.

Building strong relationship with the influencers in SEO industry wouldn’t only help you seek help when needed but you can always share your awesome content with them. If they will like it, they are going to share it with the people in their circle, who will automatically share their words and your content can go viral.

If we agree, to the statement that “Content is King” then above given tactics are building blocks to empower the kingdom. If you have awesome content available then these tactics will help you take your content to the new height and you will be able to receive plenty of traffic as well as links that will eventually have a positive impact not just on SERPS but sales as well.

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