6 Lead Conversion ideas you should implement on your Website

The game of SEO has changed drastically right after the first Panda update and there were very few professionals who actually understood how SEO and digital marketing works in the post penguin and panda world.

Today, things are different and this SEO service providing niche is much more crowded space, where businesses have multiple choices regarding which vendor to choose for their digital marketing campaigns.

In order to attract targeted audience to your website, having a blog is not enough and you need more than just a blog or service pages on your website.

Although, my personal blog isn’t perfect as a service provider’s website but as far as my research goes if you want your website to be an ideal choice for a business who is looking for SEO/Digital Marketing services here are the 6 things you should have in your website.

  • An Active Blog

The definition of an active blog is not limited to regular update of content on the blog, especially when you are talking about digital marketing. An active blog is actually one that is updated regularly (ideally daily or at least once a week) with proper sharing on social media, community interaction and communication in the comment section. Unbounce, QuickSprout and Moz.com are the living examples of an active blog.

If you take a quick look  at the above given image of the blog, you can clearly see that it does not only gets updated on regular basis but it also gets  decent amount of sharing on social media, comments by the audience attached with the brand and links that point back to the post.

If you want to be a service provider that businesses should choose then you should have a blog like this because when you claim them you can change their brand image and help them build a community around their brand, you have to set yourself as an example first.

  • White Papers

The most important challenge as a SEO service provider website is that you don’t really have to push your service but you have to use your content to engage your targeted audience, educate them on the subject and finally encourage them to convert in to leads and sales for the business.

White Papers is one of the most effective resource that will help you achieve your desired goal and encourages your audience to get better education over the subject. White Paper also allow you to increase your subscription rate and leads for your business.

Businesses who are serious about investing in online marketing and SEO ideally needs to know how knowledgeable you are and how you can help them increase their visibility in the online world. Quality white papers can answer these questions for you.

  • Case Studies

If you have helped your customers in the past with regards to SEO and Digital Marketing, case study will help you to be shortlisted in the eyes of a business who is looking for an ideal digital marketing partner. One of the main reasons why case studies work is because it’s a way to tell businesses that this is what we have done for others and this is potentially we can do for you!

If your case study contains a big name, chances of converting that potential lead in your favour will be higher. I mean who will ignore Neil Patel after this case study?

In order to be an ideal digital marketing partner for a potential business, it is important to include the best case studies of your clients on your website.

Remember, don’t fake it because if you will get caught, no reputation management company can heal the damage.

  • Mix-Media Content

One of the few reasons why potential clients reject proposal is when they don’t see companies are not implementing the tactic on their own website what they are trying to sell to others. Obviously there can be many reasons why a company is not making video content for their own website when they do offer video content for clients but look this matter from the client’s perspective.

So if a client receives 3 proposals and all claims that they will create interactive infographics and videos for client’s website but only one of those three companies are actually working on videos and interactive infographics for their own website. Chances are client will give advantage to that proposal over others due to obvious reasons.

Distilled can be a perfect example here as they make lot of their content in videos, inforagpics and multiple other mediums. When client sees you doing what you are committing in the proposal, it makes more value and sense in the eye of a client.

  • Expert Endorsements

Testimonials are important but if you are a small company testimonials can hurt your business instead of helping you out. The reason I remove the testimonial section from my website is because I have seen other companies started contacting my clients and offer them cheaper services which was hurting my relationships with clients and business as well.

But, there is no doubt that having testimonials can allow the potential business to think twice about you and your chances of getting hired by that business increases exponentially. I analysed the problem and opportunity at the same time and came with the solution that is available on my own blog.

Instead of taking testimonials from the clients, I started getting the feedback of my skills set from the renonowned names within the industry. Names like Gianluce and Julie Joyce as they respectable name in my industry and if a potential business sees an endorsement from them they tend to convert instead of researching more for an ideal SEO partner for their business.

  • E-Book

Again, this is an educational material that not only educates potential lead more about the process and hidden opportunities but it also give them an idea about the level of expertise you possess. This is  one of the reasons why it is important not only to have an ebook on your website but to have an advanced level ebook free to download so that potential leads can learn and get a clear idea of your expert level.

Ven of digital Philippines and I co-authored a book together and we ideally focused on the content that is high quality and was not available for FREE.

When we were writing the book, our major focus were businesses who were looking for help with regards to link building and result were seriously amazing for me as well as for Ven.

Obviously, the more ideas you will include to your website, your chances of converting potential lead in to customer will be more but above given ideas are few of many thing one should have within their website in order to stay and compete in a tough niche like digital marketing.

You want for SEO business? Start doing, today!

3 thoughts on “6 Lead Conversion ideas you should implement on your Website”

  1. Couldn’t agree with this list more. Thanks for including us 🙂 – Providing premium content like whitepapers has been great for improving website engagement and making connections.

  2. Couldn’t agree with this list more. Thanks for including us 🙂 – Providing premium content like whitepapers has been great for improving website engagement and making connections.

  3. Couldn’t agree with this list more. Thanks for including us 🙂 – Providing premium content like whitepapers has been great for improving website engagement and making connections.

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