A call for SEO Project Managers

Every picture has two sides! I will not agree to that, because I believe it has more than just two facets. Take SEO for example, we all are well aware that Search Engine Optimization is an intense job and one need a particular mindset to rock at SEO and digital marketing. There are Gurus in the industry who really understands the business and know what it takes to be a SEO Project Manager.

Ofcourse like every other business, project management plays an important role for any strategy to work. A successful SEO Project Manager needs to have a good command on project management, analytics, strategy development and making sure that things are being executed the way they should be.

Coming back to my point, although there are almost uncountable things that comes under the hat of SEO PMs and most of the time they are driving themselves into the ground to meet deadlines, people around have different perspective to look at their job responsibilities and judge the picture likewise.

Project Management in SEO is a job that might frustrate one at times so on a lighter note this SEO meme will do my part to help them to cheer up (at least a bit)…

Check this out! I hope you like it…


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