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Matt Cutts , the front face of Google, does not need any introduction in the SEO world. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that his words matter the most in the search world. The picture below says it all:

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You see, Matt Cutts, the driver of Google car is being followed by all SEOs!

A lot has already been said about Matt in the past and even I myself have posted an amusing video related to Matt Cutts an year back in one of my post on Search Engine Journal.

Today, I decided to compile all this interesting data at one place so we as well as Matt don’t find it difficult to go look for it here are there.

Before I go along with the collective data, let me assure you that I highly respect Matt not only as a human being but as a quality search professional and what he really do for the search community. If you never come across his video series then here is the link to subscribe.

So here we go!

Top 5 Matt Cutts Memes!

  • A Very Clear advice from Matt Cutts

  • Should i care about keyword Density?


  • What is your favorite Song Matt?

Enough with meme, but you want a secret tip to get #1 Rank in Google? Here is a secrete tip from Matt!

Matt Cutts on Twitter:

You might be following the Real Matt Cutts on twitter to get all the updates about every tidbits that is changing in the search arena but have you ever come across this Matt Cutts, who is also getting quite a good attention from the search professionals!

Hope this will be a good read to make your weekend a bit more refreshing and ofcourse if it would be even better if by any chance Matt Cutts come across this post and check it out, so he can get a clue how famous and necessary he is in the life of an SEO like me!

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Have a good weekend!

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