Why you should be blogging for Business [Statistical Data]

Setting up a blog is easy! All you need is a small amount of cash to buy a domain along with hosting and you are almost done with it. If you want more details regarding it, here is everything you need to know about setting up a blog.

Although there are tons of blogs available in almost every niche these days but less than 5 percent of these blog are successful (in most industries). The reason is because most people think that buying a domain and putting a good design for a blog is a deed done, but actually having a blog is the first pillar and in order to win you need to build it brick by brick.

You have a blog; next step is to participate in it by adding content to it.  This content can be anything a video, an audio presentation, a blog post with valuable insight about the topic, an infographic and may be a mix of all, but what you really need to make sure is that your content should be valuable for your targeted audience and should encourage them to share it with others they know.

Obviously, hitting the publish button will not get you traffic you want and you have to work hard to get visitors back to your blog (using multiple channels) and continuously create content that is engaging enough to get shares and likes.

If you will be consistent in your efforts within few months, you will surely see traffic elevating. However, this may take time.

Blogging for Business:

In the early days, blogging was mostly considered as writing a personal diary and related stuff but in today’s world it is a great way to leverage audience to your website and encourage them to convert in to leads and business. The better your content will be the wider your reach could be!

If you are one of those businesses, who haven’t considered about investing in blogging yet then you probably should take this piece seriously and make your next marketing plan keeping the following stats in mind that I will present in the rest of the post.

Note: Data help by Search Group.

  • Purchase Decisions

If you are ecommerce business you probably will have a better idea of how potential lead converts and how exactly the whole buying cycle works! Visitors who search for a product online will land on your website and then move to other websites to compare the prices, features and check reviews before they actually make a purchase.

According to a research, blog influences 63% of the total purchase decision which is way higher than any magazine, newspaper or TV commercials.

If businesses seriously consider investing on blogging and content marketing, chances are they will more likely influence the purchase decisions in their favor, which will eventually lead to more business and word of mouth.

Another reason why businesses should prefer blogging is that it is relatively inexpensive as compared to a magazine or newspaper ads while the return on investment is very high!

  • SEO benefits

In my opinion, any change in the website that opens more doors for the search engine (organic) traffic is an SEO benefit.

According to a recent research, the websites with active blogs usually get 434% more indexed pages then a normal website and 97% more indexed links as compared to a website that either do not contain a blog or have an inactive blog.

This is a great opportunity for businesses as more indexed pages normally leads to more targeted traffic to the website and if your quality of content is up to the mark, they probably can even convert those visitors in to business leads.

  • More Page Views

Creating something, unique and captivating content is the only blogging formula to grasp more attention.  In the race of engaging eyeballs of the targeted audience, people may use many tactics, like mix media content, including images with the text, data, stats and more!  Although all of these have proven to be effective but I believe images and graphics are likely to attract more than any of the above mentioned media

Research suggests that when creating content for your blog post, it is recommended to add images to support your text content as articles with images tend to get more views (up to 94%). More views give more chances for a business to convert the visitor in to lead or customer.

It is pretty clear that having an active blog and creating quality content is important for almost every business present online. No matter if you are selling fish online or offering marketing services to other businesses, having an active blog is more than just necessary.

The question here is how many posts a Month?

This is a very valid question but unfortunately the answer is not as simply as you are expecting. Every industry is different and numbers may vary from industry to industry plus your company’s position in the sphere might also affect the numbers.

If you are in the SEO and digital marketing niche, there are people who blog once a month, others blog daily (like Moz, SEER and more.) and there are blogs that updates even multiple times a day (like SEJ, SEL, Marketing Land, SEW and more.).

The best idea here is to understand your niche, your position in the market, and your expectations from the blog then plan things accordingly.

Here are the few things you should consider when deciding about the number of blog posts you are going to do each month:

    • Consider the resources and man power you have for website blogging. If you have multiple people in your team who can put time and create meaningful content on the blog then you can increase the number to twice or thrice per week.
    • Quantity of blog posts matters if you sustain the quality.
    • Be strict to your calendar because if you will not be serious about your business, you cannot expect your audience to be serious about your content.

Blogging is no more a choice for businesses if they want to survive online. All you need to figure out is how you can make most out of it and bring changes accordingly.

Are you blogging for your business?

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