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What Is The Importance Of Breadcrumbs In SEO- Your Complete Guide?

If you don’t have a clue about Breadcrumbs, it is a website navigation element. The term originates from the popular fairy tale where brothers lay down breadcrumbs to get back to the home where they are imprisoned.

Breadcrumbs act similarly for a website. They help users understand where they are on a website and how to get back to the previous page. Moreover, breadcrumbs SEO is something that will enable you to improve the ranking of your website.

The ins and outs of Breadcrumbs

On a website, a breadcrumb is like a trail of the navigation of the user. The small bar that you see below the menu is a breadcrumb.

The ins and outs of Breadcrumbs

As you might have noticed that a breadcrumb begins with the homepage and proceeds to the page the user visits the last. For a user, this gives them an ability to switch back and forth between pages without getting lost.

For SEO, breadcrumbs are a way to inform search engines about the hierarchy of the website. Google loves organized websites, and it helps in indexing the website so that a user can easily browse the website without losing its way on the site.

Types of Breadcrumbs

Let us first understand the types of breadcrumbs that you’ll come across.

1. Location-based breadcrumbs

This is one of the most common types of breadcrumb that you’ll see on the internet. As the name indicates, the type of breadcrumb keeps track of your location and shows it horizontally in a bar. The users are presented with links with which they can browse back and forth by clicking on those links and reaching out to the parent category.

Location-based breadcrumbs

2. Attribute-based breadcrumbs

This is the most popular type of breadcrumb that you see on websites. This indicates the categories, the products with a certain type of attributes attached to them. The best method to create such kind of breadcrumbs is to pick the SUV of products and make them part of the breadcrumb.

Attribute-based breadcrumbs

3. Path-based breadcrumbs

These are mostly types of breadcrumbs that you have heard about in your childhood. Remember the Hansel & Gretel fairytale? Yes. The type of breadcrumb will help you create a trail of pages that you’ve previously visited and turns them into links. You can easily switch back and forth between pages and browse for your favorite pages without being lost.

Path-based breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are a critical element of any website. They provide valuable benefits to the user as well as search engines. They are the answer to the fundamental question of the user, where to go next?

Breadcrumbs SEO will make it easy for the users to browse the website without feeling any pain of getting stuck in the forward and backward button loop.

Breadcrumbs are both convenient for users as well as SEO.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that a breadcrumb can provide.

Benefits of Breadcrumbs

Convenient for users

Breadcrumbs are the primary and secondary medium to provide users a way to navigate on a website. Whether visitors are browsing a website on a mobile device or their desktop, breadcrumbs will help in understanding the structure of the website and assist in browsing the website quickly.

Eliminate the extra clicks

At times, users will find it difficult or rather frustrating to revert to previous pages. With breadcrumbs, there will be a trail of clicks that can help users to browse back and forth without worrying about the extra clicks.

Visually appealing

Mostly, breadcrumbs are oriented in a horizontal style. This means they take up a lot of space in the website design. For a visitor, this is a plus point because they want to browse a website with clean design. An organized website will not make users think before they place orders on the website.

Improved internal link structure

It’s not just about the header and footer; the breadcrumbs help you spread out equity throughout the website. More pages mean there will be more breadcrumbs, and each breadcrumb will link back to a category page and then to the homepage. This means that the website will be well organized, which is a plug point for Google. The linking of the page helps you to get the right amount of linking juice to every page.

Bounce-rate will decrease

What’s the point of creating a website if visitors are not staying on the website? With a breadcrumb, the website will look good, and users will prefer to stay on the website for a longer period of time, hence decreasing the bounce rate. The breadcrumb trail will help the users to keep track of their progress and move around without giving them headaches.

Gripping search snippets

The breadcrumbs, when placed in an organized manner, will create a convincing SERP snippet. This means it will help you to improve your SERP ranking. If you are willing to make your website pages snippet in Google, it is a must to display your breadcrumbs in the search results because an organized link chain will help the user gain trust and consider you a website that thinks things through.

Breadcrumbs are a better way to organize links, pages, and products on your website. For website owners, breadcrumbs SEO is something that demands attention, and as a result, it helps in improving the rank of your website.

How to optimize breadcrumbs SEO for your website?

By now, you must have figured out that Google loves breadcrumbs. And so, Google is forcing brands to include breadcrumbs on their websites.

The reason is simple. Breadcrumbs leave trails that are useful for both users and search engines.

Search engines use them to understand the structure of your website, and users, on the other hand, can navigate easily on your website.

Let’s look at some ways in which you can optimize breadcrumb to improve your SEO.

Enable breadcrumbs

Most of the website designers tend to hide the breadcrumbs because it doesn’t sound right for the design.

As a website owner, it is your responsibility to keep track of breadcrumbs and how they appear on the website.  

Include full path navigation

When the users expect to user breadcrumbs, they want to browse the website back and forth without being lost. When plan on using breadcrumbs SEO, it is necessary that you use the full path of the browsing history of the user. You cannot skip even a single link because users will be mad if you do so.

Begin with the homepage and get it to the end. Provide users the convenience of browsing the website without even thinking about it.

Ensure that breadcrumbs are mobile-friendly

If you are willing to look good in mobile devices, the font size should not be big enough, and the users might be able to click on the link. It is a common practice to either hide the breadcrumbs or make them look like buttons.


Add Breadcrumb schema

If you want to show breadcrumbs in the form of URL in Google search results, you must enable schema on the website.

You might ask what schema markup is. Well, it is a way to highlight certain things in your website for search engines so that you get to understand better how the page is structured on the search engine.

When you add an HTML code of schema, it gives more information to the search engine about the page of your content. So, when a user searches anything related to your niche, your page will appear along with the breadcrumb. 

This will also increase your chances of featuring the site in rich snippet because Google loves those pages that are formatted correctly within search results.

You can use tools like Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress to make the breadcrumbs in the simplest manner. Check out this video on how to enable breadcrumbs SEO in Yoast.

Code Breadcrumbs on your own

Even if you write code in WordPress you can use a simple code. Here is a way in which you can add code in your WordPress:


<ul class=”breadcrumb”>

  <li><a href=”#”>Home</a></li>

  <li><a href=”#”>Pictures</a></li>

  <li><a href=”#”>Summer 15</a></li>



Then add CSS code

/* Style the list */

ul.breadcrumb {

  padding: 10px 16px;

  list-style: none;

  background-color: #eee;


/* Display list items side by side */

ul.breadcrumb li {

  display: inline;

  font-size: 18px;


/* Add a slash symbol (/) before/behind each list item */

ul.breadcrumb li+li:before {

  padding: 8px;

  color: black;

  content: “/\00a0”;


/* Add a color to all links inside the list */

ul.breadcrumb li a {

  color: #0275d8;

  text-decoration: none;


/* Add a color on mouse-over */

ul.breadcrumb li a:hover {

  color: #01447e;

  text-decoration: underline;


Here is how it will look:


The code will be added in functions.php file.

That’s the underlying code that you can use to put a breadcrumb. With a custom breadcrumb, you can edit it to look more beautiful.

If you decide to code, you must customize it with the help of a YouTube video. That will make it easy, or you can use plugins. Or, if you are planning to add breadcrumbs, ensure that you have a developer with you.

The Bottom line

Even if you don’t want to use breadcrumbs, you don’t have a choice anymore. Google is pretty strict on breadcrumbs, and your chances of featuring in the snippet are increased, which makes it easy for you to list your website in the first few positions of search results.

Till now, you might have realized the importance of breadcrumbs SEO. To put it simply, the breadcrumbs will organize the structure of your website, which means that not just Google, users will also love to browse a well-structured website.

Finally, when you make breadcrumbs mobile-friendly, there is a good chance that your SEO will improve exponentially, and search engines will interpret your breadcrumb as something well-organized and raise the rank of your website without making much effort in other things.

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