Smart add-on for the new age of Project Management

Note: We have no personal affiliation with the tool. We are including this post solely because we believe that it will help digital marketers manage their projects in an efficient way.

It’s a little frustrating when you want to complete your project quickly but cannot find any application that reaches the level of efficiency that you need.

Don’t fret!

Some awesome new products and applications are being launched just to make your life (and work) a lot easier.

Every now and again, I write an article that scrutinizes an application’s performance. I usually trace it back to the day it was launched in the market and closely analyzing each individual value addition that it has to offer to users.

I’m sure that as digital marketers, many of you must be familiar with platforms like Basecamp or Trello. I’m also positive that many of you must also have some reservations (and complaints) about the limitations of these platforms.

It is important to mention here that when I look at apps or add-ons in isolation, I always consider their GUI, interface, functionality and value addition in the context of their respective niche.

As a professional digital marketer, any application that fulfills an SEO-related criterion will always receive more scrutiny from me – meaning, I will simply pore over it all the more.

Basecamp’s chief problem is the structuring and layout of its content. You have to scroll through each comment to find a particular resource. This becomes increasingly cumbersome when you are working on multiple projects, even though the website has other intelligent uses.

If e-commerce administrators like one-click accessibility across the board then I think it was about time that such functionality came to us marketers as well.

A new add-on called Bridge24 is powerful in this aspect, and the product promises a lot of potential. The application is currently in its beta phase and is therefore free to use.

Bridge24 performs a number of tasks seamlessly. It adds viewing capabilities to the mentioned applications. Think of BI interfaces: of course you can view the tabular information via various grouping queries but these interfaces let you do so via drag and drop. Useful right? Bridge24 comes to marketing with a similar approach and is quite interesting to use.


  • Easy one-click connectivity for multiple tasks: As stated above, you can view all of your tasks in their different stages on Basecamp, Trello and Asana via Bridge24. There are multiple columns available to show data on your tasks. More columns can be added and then grouped as per individual requirements. The common complaint ‘what about viewing multiple projects simultaneously?’ has an answer here.
  • Quick filtering and powerful customization: You have multiple filters that can be applied to the same list to change content accordingly. Bridge24 is quick with the data on your running apps. Although I did not test it as thoroughly on Asana, but it has given quick results on Trello and Basecamp2. Considering that the add-on is only a beta version, this level of efficiency is definitely impressive.
  • Easy access: You do not need to be concerned about access and installation. All you have to do is go the Birdge24 website and simply click on one of the following options.

You will be redirected to a login after which you will receive a prompt for permission.

Once you click the tab ‘Yes, I’ll allow access’ you will be forwarded to the Bridge24 dashboard.

Initial reaction

Instead of putting in my reaction, I thought why not, share the initial reaction of a person who has used this tool before me.

Finally, add-ons that bring real value to my Basecamp App – “I have been searching for a simple add-on that makes my life a little easier. Don’t get me wrong, I love Basecamp and we are dedicated to it, but when I need to do something a little out of the ordinary I now have Bridge24. These guys really understand my unique data management needs. It extends Basecamp functionality perfectly. Every Basecamp user should be using this!

– Russell S.


Since the product is in its beta version, it is currently free to use.

It’s only beta but its promising

That’s definitely my take on what looks like a very powerful task management add-on for applications like Basecamp and Trello. If you search on the web, you will find many positive reviews about this add-on, but the two main reasons why I consider this a must-try are:

  • We finally have our hands on an application that truly understands the segmentation and aggregation of data that is required by and is unique to each project manager and digital marketer, and allows us to do just that.
  • It’s still under construction, which means our usage experience and feedback could possibly power up its functionality in quite wonderful ways by the time it is launched.

Based on the above, I would advise anyone looking to get a boost to his or her daily SEO operations to try Bridge24 out. It’s an add-on with juice and looks like it’s here to stay.

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