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Digital Marketing Clients

Questions To Ask From Your Digital Marketing Clients

I’ve been pacing my office, wearing down the carpet to the bare threads, nervous about the meeting with my new digital marketing client.…
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ppc metrics

7 PPC Metrics To Track To Gauge The Success Of Your Campaign

You were super excited to run your first PPC campaign. With so much data, it will be easy to create ad campaigns that…
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Busting Myths: What startups should expect from digital marketing

I am not going to write any glittery introduction to this post. Instead, I will share two important facts with you that are…
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13 tools to boost your productivity at work

When I was young, I looked at time management books and thought – in my childish way – that it must be an…
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Buyers Persona: Why it is important for your business?

The success of a business depends on its customers. If a company's marketing strategy focuses on the right kind of customers, chances are…
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The Nuts and Bolts of a Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy means little more than a buzz-phrase to nearly half (46%) of businesses, which are active in digital without having any…
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The Rule of Social Proof and Its Usage by Digital Marketers

I am trying to cover each principle by Robert Cialdini that he explained in his book Influence: Science and Practice. This is the…
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The Commitment and Consistency Rule for Digital Marketers

In our capitalist economy, businesses aim to increase their sales in order for profit maximization. To reach their desired goals, they focus their…
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