How to Create an Effective Link Building Campaign by Venchito Tampon and Moosa Hemani

At the start of every year I set some goals for myself on personal and professional level and in 2014, one of the goals was to write a short book on any topic I am comfortable with. I was researching for ideas and inspiration when Venchito Tampon hit an email and offered me to write a book with him as a co-author and the topic he was covering was link building.

After a few skype meetings and hours of research, we finally agreed upon the topic “How to Create an Effective Link Building Campaign”. At the end of the post you will find a link of the ebook that you can download for Free.

eBook? Already got Dozens of it!

Yes that’s right! There are already dozens of them available online but when I started going through few of them mostly FREE stuff, they were either outdated or not as descriptive as I was looking for. There are some great books like Link Building Book by Paddy Moogan but it’s paid.

The whole idea of writing a book was to provide access of quality, updated and high-end information regarding link building to professionals and newbies for FREE! I am not saying you won’t need Paddy’s Book any more as it is way more powerful than the one Ven and I are offering but I am sure this will be a great starting point when it comes to link building and the best part is, it’s FREE.

What’s in the Book?

The Book consists of six chapters that include Strategy, Management, Content Creation, Link Prospecting, Content Promotion and Reporting. We tried to discuss every topic in detail so that even a newbie in the industry can get advantage from this.

Strategy is the first chapter that discusses general definition of link building strategy and goes deep down to market research, formulating goals and how you should plan your link building month by month.

Management is the second chapter that outlines how to manage a link building campaign and analysis that you have to do before actually getting your hands dirty with the campaign.

Content Inventory and Creation focuses on content planning and how to actually create content for link building.

Link Prospecting it is the next step! In this chapter we tried to cover the complete link prospecting action plan. If you go through this chapter you learn how experts find and target websites to earn links.

Content Promotion is central and it covers everything you need to know when it comes to content promotion and link building.

Reporting is very important especially if you are working for clients or even in-house reporting for your non-technical directors. In this chapter we cover everything that one should know about reporting link building activities.

Why Should I download it?

  • Newbie: Ven and I have been in the industry for quite a few years now and have a good understanding of the whole digital marketing (especially link building) game. We have designed this book from the very basics so if you are new to link building this book will be step by step guide for you to become a professional link builder.
  • Professional: If you are a professional link builder and want to learn more about the skill, we have something for you too. We have discussed every topic in detail so that you can get something new and valuable out of it.
  • Peers: I request you should! Not because the book got something you don’t know but because I am looking for your honest views on this book so that next time I can come up with a better thing as a whole.
  • Influencers: I will be honored if you download the book and share your views and opinion about the book. This will not only beneficial for me but for the community.

Where to Download?

When I say it’s FREE, it’s absolutely FREE but if you like the book and wants to promote it please share a world out of twitter: Tweet

(Click on the Book to get your Copy, Now!)

3 thoughts on “How to Create an Effective Link Building Campaign by Venchito Tampon and Moosa Hemani”

  1. SixtyMarketing

    Hi Moosa, there are a lot of free books around, especially on link building! Have you thought about adding a blog section to your website about link building? Add a few AdSense banners and promote it through the right channel and you will receive a lot of readers, inbound links, social shares and you can earn a few quid on the side! Just a suggestion 😉

  2. Hi Moosa Hemani,

    Thanks for this awesome free book. I just downloaded a copy and got the whole week freed so I can read it. Great job collaborating with Venchito. See you two on PeepCon.

    God Bless,
    Louie Sison

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