Customer Psychology and Ecommerce Stores

An effective marketing strategy can do so much as attract your target audience to visit your website but if the website itself doesn’t appeal to them, your marketing strategy has not done the job. You will not be able to retain your audience that way.

When a user visits a website (especially in case of ecommerce websites), there are several things to consider to help the visitor in making the buying decision. All of these factors that one needs to consider relating to customer behavior fall into the category of customer psychology.

Today in my post, I am going to discuss what things ecommerce business owners should consider as important, rather than only focusing marketing channels like PPC, SEO, email marketing, etc.

Here are some of the areas where businesses should focus on by investing their time and money in order to increase the overall conversion rate

Site Speed

Google is also considering website speed as its ranking signal so if the website takes longer time than usual to render the page, chances are that you will see a dip in your SERP rankings. Other than the Google factor, from the customer’s point of view people tends to stick to the site that responds quickly.

According to a research by Barry Ritholtz, site speed plays a vital role in the customer’s buying decision, whether he wants to makes the purchase from your website or he wants to switch to some other website. Potential buyers and visitors when on the website wait for the first 3 seconds, and if the website didn’t load around 57% of them abandon the website and move to alternative choices.

According to Barry, 80% of them will never come back to the site so chances are you might lose a potential customer just because of the site speed.

How to fix it?

Here are the following things you can do at your end to fix this problem:

  • Expires headers tells the browser if a website needs to be requested from the source or if it can be fetched from the browser’s cache. Leveraging browser cache will help the page load faster, next time the visitor goes to your website.
  • Use CDN for images and other heavy content so that the page can load faster (if it is SEO friendly or not is a different debate)
  • Minimize the redirections as this takes time.
  • Minifying your code will result in a page with less KBs which leads to a page that can easily load faster.

These are few ideas that you can use to fix the site speed and allow the visitors on your website to continue their journey on the website. In order to learn how to speed up your site, this post from The Moz Blog is highly recommended.

Website Design

The design of the website plays a vital role in making or breaking the mind of the potential customer. If your website design is appealing you will see more and more customers visiting your website for a longer duration, this will result in the bounce rate reducing radically. However, if the design is not appealing you will see that the duration of the visit by prospective buyers is far less and this will result in a greater bounce rate.

Online customers, especially in the ecommerce area, have tons of choices so they are really picky when it comes to design. They ideally need a design that convinces them to convert.

This clearly shows that 92.6% of the people decide whether they should buy from the website or not, on the basis of website design.

Talking about design of the product page, videos play a vital role in helping prospects to convert in to customers. This also allows you to get traffic from other inbound channels as well like YouTube.

Study shows that 31% of the people tend to buy a product after watching videos of it.1 in every 2 customers feel more confident about the product after watching the video online.

If you are going to have a video on your product page (customized videos will be a great way to engage the audience) chances are you will more likely to get better conversion rate as compared to your competitors who are not using it.Customized videos are a great way to engage your target audience.

How to fix it?

There are few things you can do to create a better design that converts:

  • Make your design mobile friendly, as there a lot more people search and shop using their smart phones.
  • Try to go with a flat design. Almost all ecommerce businesses are doing this from Apple to a store that offers furniture online.
  • The use of colors should encourage the user to stay on the website. Bright colors tend to attract users positively like blue, orange, green; where as colors like gray, dull red and black gives somewhat a negative look and boring look.

There are actually tons of different ideas that can help you create a design that help visitors to stay and continue their journey on your website.

Product Reviews

This is not exactly within the website design, but this is one area that most ecommerce websites have missed out on. Absence of product reviews causes a potential buyer to move towards the competitor and buy! It is very important for a website to have product reviews, especially on review websites like Yelp, Google Places, etc.

Online customers have tons and literally tons of choices when buying online, that is why it is very important to grab their attention not only from within the website but from other external places from where they take help to make a purchase decision.

According to a report, 85% of customers read online reviews about the website before making a purchase (in my opinion the number has increased to over 85% with time) and out of that 79% of the people trust reviews as personal recommendations.

It is important to have multiple reviews from different happy clients so that people can trust you more and make purchase decisions in your favor.

How to do this?

Here the following tips to deal with product reviews:

  • Get yourself listed on famous websites like Yelp and Google Places, as these are the first places where user will search for you to check for online reviews.
  • Encourage your happy customers to write a positive review for you on different review websites.
  • You can always try different tactics like offering special discounts or call them to ask if they are really satisfied and request them to share their experience online.

There are multiple tactics businesses use to encourage their happy customers to share their experience online so see what option is suitable for your niche and nature of your client, and plan accordingly.

Checkout Page Problems

This is a very common problem ecommerce website face, regardless of niche they belong to. People enter the website, visit different areas and categories and then finally select a product they are interested in buying. Upon purchase they tend to bounce from the checkout page and that is because of the un-optimized checkout page. Here, from un-optimized means un-optimized as per the customer’s behavior point of view.

There are different studies that present different statistics, but on average around 67% of the buyers leaves the website from the checkout page and there are multiple reasons why they do that!

There are multiple reasons that are mentioned in the image as to why people more likely switch and move to other websites.

How to fix this?

Here are a few steps you can take to reduce this problem up to zero percent:

  • Try to make your checkout process quick and short so that buys do not die filling the form only.
  • Give an option to make a purchase without registration.
  • Do not come up with hidden charges in the checkout section, this is one of the reasons why a large number of people leave the websites on the checkout point.
  • Be transparent by displaying your phone numbers and other contact details.
  • State a clear delivery details and privacy policy.

Try to optimize your checkout process the way your customers want. Just keep in mind that they are giving you business, so try to be nice to them, give them a reason to come back again and recommend the website to others.

Coupons and Deals

If you are one of those people who regularly shop online you probably know that one of the things you should search for when buying online are coupons and deals. There are different deals and coupon websites like FatWallet, Groupon, Shop at Home, etc. from where you can get amazing deals and discounts on products you are planning to buy.

Coupons and deals have a great impact on sales. Customers usually search for coupons and deals websites to see if the product they are planning to buy is available on discount and then go to that website accordingly. If you have coupons and deal available you will have more chances for the visitor to convert over your competitors.

Studies say that coupons and deals can increase customer satisfaction up to 4%, which is a big number as far as the overall online market share is concerned.

How to use this to your advantage?

Here are few things you can do by using coupons and discounts to benefit your business as well as your customers:

  • Try to add coupons and get it published on websites like Groupon, Fatwallet, etc. Always try to conduct some form of informal research to find out what coupon website works best for your niche.
  • Adding discount coupons on your website is also a good option.
  • You can also add discount coupons and deals within your email shoots as well.

The idea is to get your target audience a reason to come to your website and buy. According to a study, 57% of people tend to buy products with discount coupons as after discount it comes within their budget.


Why do people buy from my website? This could be the question of many ecommerce websites. Obviously there are certain reasons why visitors visit the website but do not buy from you and one of the reasons could be the shipping cost.

Around 59% of customers consider shipping as important when making a purchase decision. If you are charging extra shipping cost than normal, chances are your customer will move towards your competitors and buy from them.

 Not many people are considering same day delivery as important but if you are going to charge extra delivery charges them the normal market rate, chances are your customers will bounce instead of buying from you!

How to fix it?

Here are some tips that can help you fix this issue:

  • Simple, do not charge more delivery charges than normal.
  • Free delivery option on certain amount of purchase encourages buyers to buy more.
  • Same day delivery is not that important but sticking to the date you have given is very important.

Shipping cost sounds like an extra payoff to customers so they always seek websites that offer free delivery on purchases. If you can offer this option on shipping you have a good chance to convert your visitors in to customers.

Payment and Security

Customers pay from their own pockets so this is very obvious that they need to care about security with regards to payments. Payment options have an impact on sales as well because people tend to purchase more from the website that offer more than one payment options.

 Around 80% or more people feel safer when they see trustworthy card logos on a website, which is usually displayed by almost all ecommerce stores. Around 40% of the customers will feel more confident when they see more than one payment option available.

SEO and digital marketing is one thing, but if you are generating low revenue digital marketing is not always to blame. Your website’s ignorance to customer behavior maybe the cause of this, try to optimize your website keeping in mind customer behavior to encourage people to continue coming back to your site and possibly convert too.

A good digital marketing strategy and website (developed according to customers’ behavior) can create a win-win situation for customers, as well as for your business.

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