Why not to use Embedded Codes with Images

As per my resolution for 2013 to write epic content on SETalks.com here I am to discuss an interesting idea of building links with images and what precautions that should be taken in the process!

Well idea of using images to build quality links is not that new, yet many people are still not employing it or I should say are not using it correctly. Well here is a small blunder, which many of us are making without even knowing its consequence and how badly it can effect your reputation:

Embedded Codes:

Embedded Codes are one of the general ways mostly used to build link with images that may look something like this:

Embedded code is generally provided at the end of an image for people so that they can conveniently use that image while giving a link back to you. The more people copy code and paste it on their own blog the more number of links you get pointing to your website.

Problems with embedded codes!

Major problem with embedded codes is that it is easy to game and one can get the image within without even copying the embedded codes. Other than that if many people are going to use the embedded code this will give a suspicious signal to Google and other search engines because everyone will be using the image with a same anchor text.

Copy Image without copying the embedded codes

One can easily use your image without even copying the embedded codes simply by downloading the image first to the local computer and then re-uploading it to some other website. So, even being the original source of image, you may not get any link credit.

Same Anchor text

In general embedded codes are not a very good idea also because with image, user will also be copying the same anchor text.

Now suppose, if 50 people copy and use your image with an embedded code, then you will get 50 links with the same anchor text, which might give a suspicious idea to Google about you. This can eventually dent your reputation instead of helping you.

What to do now!

Building quality links is not easy and same case applies with images. I think in order to gain quality links for long term with diverse anchor text you need to follow a manual process. The idea is to create and upload inventive images and let as many people re-use it as possible, do not give embedded-codes (instead offer them something to copy and reuse the image conveniently).

Now all you have to do is to take URL of original image and use Google Image search to see how many people have utilized your image and images similar to yours.

This way you will be able to find almost every spot that is making use of your image. Next, make a list and email them manually requesting them for a link credit. Most people will pass you a link on your request, especially when your tone will be convincing and polite.

Here is an email template that you may use.

Hello Jack,

I was searching for few of my images on internet and noticed that your blog <URL> is using the one of them but unfortunately; the credit link was missing there J

I would appreciate if you can please link to my website <URL>Anchor Text</URL>.

Looking forward to hear from you!


This way you can get links as well as a chance to build relationship with other people within your industry and then use these (connections) for multiple different reasons.

Stay Happy, Build Links!

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