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A Deserving Eulogy To Hamlet Batista

COVID-19 has caused havoc in the lives of many. As we adjust to the new norm, each of us had to adjust to the loss of lives around us. SEO community as a whole also experienced one such loss as RankSense CEO Hamlet Batista was taken away from the world, a little too soon.

Hamlet was a mentor to a lot of digital marketers and SEO enthusiasts around the world. People learned from him and admired his talent. On 26th January, Hamlet breathed his last after fighting a battle with COVID-19 – adding on to the ever-increasing statistics of casualties to the disease.

Many of his employees and followers used social media to express their sadness over his passing and pay tribute to the legendary SEO expert.

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Hamlet holds and will continue to hold a very honorable position in the hearts of the SEO community. Each of his contributions is read and listened to by many keen individuals wishing to understand the world of SEO and to learn the hidden tricks of surviving in the online world.

The Journey of Hamlet Batista

Apart from being the founder of RankSense, an SEO based solution for retailers, Hamlet Batista had various other achievements in his long career.

He invented and held the patent for “SEO Suite” as well as all of its components. Since he was quite an expert in his field, he worked as a technical review editor for the books “Search Engine Marketing Inc” as well as “The Art of SEO.” Each of these instructional books is considered to be a must-read for SEO beginners.

Before assuming the role of CEO of RankSense, Hamlet previously founded his own marketing consultancy by the name of Hamlet Batista Group LLC and helped various brands and clients in improving their marketing efforts.

Additionally, he was one of the inventors of an enterprise-level SEO software by the name of Altruik’s Page Priority. His expertise didn’t just limit to SEO but also included automation and Python. This made him a teacher and ideal for various individuals.

Rather than keeping his skills secret with him, Hamlet was a firm believer in uplifting the SEO community. His contributions to various blogs, including Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Entrepreneur will likely help people for years to come.

He performed the role of an SEO guru quite well, often appearing in a variety of industry conferences and podcasts to impart his wisdom. Some of his recent ones included Pubcon, SEJ eSummit, and SMX.

Beyond an SEO expert

Considering the role Hamlet has played in the world of SEO for years, the reaction of the industry to his passing was not a surprise. Here are some of the many tributes and responses that people belonging to the SEO industry shared with the world.

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Apart from being a teacher and an expert, Hamlet Batista was much more than that. To those around him, he was a great friend and to his family, he was a devoted father and a husband who had celebrated his 21st wedding anniversary some time ago. 

When reading the various tributes from the people close to him, one anecdote by Lily Ray stood out to me. It was about how Hamlet drove from New Jersey all the way to Brooklyn to see her play, how he supported her ambitions through the years.

Another individual, Jason Murphy, recounted how even though he had only spoken to Hamlet a few times, he would always treat him as a friend whenever they crossed paths. He felt as if he had known Hamlet for years.

It is not easy to make people remember you, especially those you briefly brush past while living your life. The fact that Hamlet did so illustrated just how impactful his aura was and how humbly he lived his life.

 Through the eyes of a reader

I have never met Hamlet Batista. Like a lot of his followers, I was among those silently learning from his experience and insights. Yet, the loss seems personal to me. A lot of people would relate to this feeling that I am sure of.

For years, I have closely followed his journey. His articles were always a source of immense help for me – especially considering the fact that generally, resources about Python and deep learning are quite technical for many to understand.

Yet, Hamlet had a knack for explaining the most difficult of concepts in a comprehensive and easy to understand way. His insights and understanding of the online market made him an inspiration for many, including me.

Since he contributed so extensively to the world of SEO, it is quite hard to pick just one impactful memory. After thinking a lot, I would say that one of his most powerful contributions for me was his podcast about the automation of SEO tools.

In the Search Engine Journal Show, Hamlet Batista delved into the world of deep learning and why learning and using Python is a necessity for modern SEO professionals. With the recent hike in demand for big data, the podcast provided me with direction and a much-needed push to enter unchartered territory.

Thank you, Hamlet

To say that the SEO community was saddened by Hamlet’s passing is an understatement. For years, Hamlet nurtured the SEO community like it was his family. He found various friends through the industry. And today, each one of us mourns his loss.

There are a lot of people who are experts in their fields. But, not all of them are as generous and beloved as Hamlet. Let us all take a moment to appreciate the talent that Hamlet was. Let us commend the human that he was.

I understand that the loss that most of us feel now is nothing compared to what people in his close circle must be going through. My heart goes out to him and his family. 

You will be missed, Hamlet. Thank you for all that you have done for the SEO industry.

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