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How to Run Facebook Ads During The Pandemic. Your Ultimate Guide?

The spread of Covid 19 has left many of us to deal with unprecedented challenges. We have to come up with solutions to make life easier for people. Let’s take the challenge of “marketing in the time of the pandemic.” As people are locked into their homes, internet usage is surging. At the same time, marketing has become a challenge. So, if you have a product to market, you must be wondering how to run Facebook ads, or how to promote your product on Instagram during the pandemic without people thinking that you are exploiting the crisis.

Due to social distancing, most of our tasks are being conducted through the internet. Businesses, corporations, and even schools are using online tools to educate, communicate, and sell things online. You cannot move around the city, buying things, or selling your product. You only have social media to market your product and tell people how it can ease some of their worries in these testing times. So, if you are familiar with Facebook ads, you can make people aware of your business and sell them products without hurting their sensibilities.

What is Facebook ad?

Facebook has more than 1.69 Billion active users, which means in this COVID-19 pandemic, where everyone is stuck in their homes, businesses can run Facebook ads to reach people.

Since Facebook have all the data of people, it has been easy to target a specific segment of customers that are already looking for your product/service.

How do Facebook ads work?

Facebook ads use demographics, location, interests, and user-intent to target customers across the globe. When users interact with brands, select interests, or even search for things on Facebook, there is a good chance that Facebook takes notes and stores all that data.

When we run Facebook ads, that data comes into action. Facebook targets everyone with that interest, from a specific locality and a targeted age group.

How to buy Facebook ads?

Buying Facebook ads is easy. You just need a credit card or a PayPal account to buy Facebook ads.

Everything is now automated, which means you can schedule your ads on days and for specific hours. You can even control your budget and stop the ad if the cost crosses a certain amount.

That is the best feature that keeps things under control. Startups do not have to worry about wasting money with no result. As soon as your ad starts acting weird, you can automate it to stop.

Does Facebook advertising work?

Facebook is the go-to place for shoppers. Whether it is reading reviews or searching for products, people use and trust Facebook with their shopping needs.

The good thing about Facebook advertising is that Facebook already has all the data of users. When you run ads on Facebook, there is not a chance that the ad will be wasted because smart targeting on Facebook enables advertisers to reach customers.

Since Facebook had limited the organic reach of posts, advertising is the only way to reach new people. And do you know that 94% of the Facebook advertising revenue comes from mobile alone? Which is a clear sign that Facebook advertising is working outright.

But you might be asking how to run Facebook ads in COVID-19 when people are scared, isolated, and uncertain about their future.

Don’t’ worry because here are some tips that will help you run and get results from Facebook ads even during this pandemic.

Awareness is the key

The consumers are at home and most likely be browsing online to pass their time. As you read, Verizon reports that there is already a rise in 20% of traffic on the internet.

With more people viewing, there will be a shift in the impression of ads. The CPM will be low, which gives you an amazing opportunity to reach more people with a limited budget.

If you haven’t planned things out, this is the best time to start your ads and let people know about your brand. The content should be relevant and add value to people. Every ad must engage the user in a way that mentions how it will benefit them. When people feel that your product is helping them, they will love to know about it.

Right now, you need to keep users engaged with the relevant ad. For instance, check out this Bones Coffee Company how they are attracting users and marketing their product at the same time.

bones coffee

Check out this ad from Nike. They are not just engaging users; they are advising them to stay at home but still use their product. Such a smart ad concept.

You can do a similar thing. How can you similarly promote your brand? You need to target the users in their homes. Make them buy your product.

Use Remarketing

Barilliance reports that around 75% of the people will just abandon your website without even completing a purchase. Unless you make them realize that you are good enough to try. Unless you remarket them with some great incentives.

This is true for businesses who might have increased traffic at this time, like the at-home fitness or delivery businesses.

See how Echelon created that perfect ad for the audience who are stuck at their homes but are fitness freaks. They are delivering a bike at home to keep their customers fit even in an epidemic.

Echelon ads

In addition to your website visitors, you can drive more traffic and leads by testing the custom audience on Facebook and segmenting them to engage the relevant users and make them fall in love with your brand.

This means that marketing to people who have liked, shared, or commented on your page. Get all those people who showed even a little interest in your product. Keep in mind that the more relevant you become, the more engagement you will get.

Perfect time to test a new audience

Since everyone is at home, this is the perfect time to test a new audience for your business. A/B test all the ads, all the creativity that you can pour, and see which one sticks with the mind and heart of people. If you are losing traffic, you can test and target a whole set of new audiences.

When you are testing a new audience, it is worth considering making new ads that are especially for this purpose. You do not need to change an already high-performing ad. Creating a separate ad will save time, and it will be easy for you to compare the results with other businesses.

A pro tip is to test one thing at a time. For instance, if you are willing to test an image, keep everything else the same. Do not change the headline and the image in the same ad. That is why Facebook introduced A/B testing of ads. You can test each element and see which changes are creating the most impact.

Try Facebook Live

As you might know that local businesses are hurt more than ever before. So, its time to shift the strategy and adjust your marketing a little bit to grab the attention of your users.

With a live video, it will be easy for you to communicate with your audience directly. Plus, as you might have known that video marketing has more effective results than any other form of marketing. So, this is the best time to grab your phone and start streaming.

facebook live

People are living in isolation, and they want some activity at their home. If you connect with people, it will allow them to interact with you, and on the other hand, you will be able to connect with your audience face to face and give them the solution right there.

What more you can do is to broadcast tips that can help your customers feel safe in this COVID-19 epidemic. The point is to live stream the genuine reflection of your brand values and relate them with the current setting.

You need to create an overall empathetic angle from your business and let the customers feel that they are not alone in this social distancing. You are there to help them cope-up with this epidemic with your brand message and with ads that are creating some difference in society.

Update your messaging

As you might have realized that with COVID-19, your brand messaging must change. It is time to be more sympathetic and let the audience know that you feel their pain. 

Consumers will purchase more if they know what you are doing as a brand to keep your employees safe. Plus, corporate social responsibility will not hurt.

Check how Bando did a great job through their brand message, making it easy for the audience to trust them more.

bando ads

Brand messaging must provide a sense of comfort or solve a problem. For instance, a company that sells soaps must create a campaign on how the employees are following the steps by WHO and taking all the necessary precautions to keep themselves safe while working hard to earn a living.

It is vital to tell the customers that you care about your workers so that consumers feel safe to order from your brand. Everyone is confused, and you can use Facebook ads to comfort your customers.

It is also suggested that as a brand, it is your responsibility to use smart ad campaigns instead of using casual messaging to get the attention of your audience. For example, a Fortune 500 company that sells hand soap used an ad copy with a text, “Spread love, not germs.”

It is necessary to capitalize on cleaning products where possible. It is also necessary that you do not leave a bad taste in the mouth of customers while making the ad copy. Now, when the question how does Facebook advertising work is quite clear to you, it is about meeting the interest of the customer while keeping the brand intact.

Wrapping it up

The COVID-19 is here, and we do not know for how long. It is in our best interest as a brand to adopt the practices that will ease our customers instead of confusing or making them angry. Our ads must be carefully designed with a clear message that everyone can see and take.

You can use brand messaging and some brainstorming to be creative, be more emphatic, and resourceful for your consumer rather than just doing nothing. Make them feel safe and show them that you care about them even in these uncertain times.

No need to use complex language and two-sided imaginary, which can create doubts for the customers. It is time to let the customers know that you are there to help them out. You can get there to emphasize with them and support them in this epidemic.

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