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Note from the editor: We are not affiliated with either SEOmoz or StackSocial. thinks that the tool is of quality respectable in the niche and this is why we are supporting stacksocial’s giveaway… If you are not interested in the informational part then please move to the last part to participate and get a chance to win FREE SEOmoz pro account.

With ever changing trends in SEO, it could be hard to stay in the front line if you are not aware of the latest happenings and tactics in the search sphere. The industry has always been helpful and while counting in most helpful, authoritative and popular blogs of industry SEOmoz cannot be saved for any other lists. SEOmoz is one of those wonderful blogs of industry (infect the most active community I have ever encountered) where you can get your hands on plenty of information about SEO as well as news and hottest tactics that are valid in the SEO world. Even if you are new and want some great guide to start then also SEOmoz is a great place to start with.

Here are the four Major reasons why I like SEOmoz over any other search blog available.


  • Beginners Guide to SEO

I have learned SEO the hard way so I know better about tons of resources on internet that either misguide you or are outdated enough that it will be of no help. SEOmoz have a beginners guide to SEOthat is updated with the time and contains latest information, which can help you start RIGHT with SEO.


  • SEO Industry Survey

If you have spent more than 6 months in the SEO industry you must know the REAL importance of data and how difficult it is to find some solid and authentic data which is up to date. Thanks to SEOmoz who do the SEO industry surveyevery year and put it live so that marketers can grab the data out of it.


  • Search Engine Ranking Factors

Yes! Correlation is not causation but this never means you can ignore information that can help you figure out the ranking factors, working in the current year. It’s not really easy to understand what’s working and what’s not but SEOmoz actually get their hands dirty and collect tons of data to create a report that help you find out the latest search engine ranking factors.


  • QnA section at SEOmoz

SEOmoz is truly an active community and clear cut proof of it can be found in SEOmoz QnA section where community leaders and authorities help other community members solve their problems with respect to SEO and online marketers in general. Just give a look at their QnA community here and if you are a pro member you can always ask questions and get responses against your problems from the active community members. Pro Member? SEOmoz do not offer consultancy but have SEO tools that help you through the process and save your time for diagnosing on-site errors as well as pass you the recommended solutions to the problems. Want to try pro version of SEOmoz for FREE? Stacksocial.comoffers 10 FREE Pro SEOmoz accounts. All you have to do is to ReTweet this tweet and get a chance to win 10 FREE SEOmoz accounts.


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