Goodbye 2013, It’s Time for 2014!

Back in December 2012, I updated the post in which I discussed my achievements of 2012 and my plans for 2013. Now as I have landed in 2014 it is time to review the year that passed by and see what I have accomplished so far, and also what I have planned for this year.

2013 was a roller coaster ride for me, there were big changes in my personal and professional life, and here is an overview of it.

The challenge I faced

Continuously bringing in quality information was a big challenge for me, now after looking at all the previous posts that are live on my blog I am not really satisfied with the quality and I believe this is one area where I need to put more effort to bring in something of real quality instead of updating the blog only. I am determined this year to reach this goal.

If I had to rate myself in terms of quality, I would rate myself 5 out of 10.

Broadening my horizon

I was offering services before but it was mainly for the people I already knew and was connected with in the past, in 2013 the plan was to broaden my horizon and offer our services to anyone who is in need of better online visibility. I decided to offer multiple services that include guest blogging services, blog management, link building, local and full SEO services. I did change the design of the blog to give it a more corporate look.

This worked out really well for me; I got a chance to work with different businesses and helped them grow. This also gave me a chance to deal with different type of clients. Overall, it worked out really well for me and I got new connections, recommendations and obviously more money from this.

Public speaking

As a city level debater for continuous three years, I assumed this would be an easy task for me but as soon as entered this game, I found out that speaking is not the only skill required; you need a great amount of tolerance to deal with event planners, organizers and participants who ask dumb questions for no reason.

I was a speaker at Karachi SEO meetup, Speak up event by Glimpse and intentionally said no to a content event where my topic was to discuss the dos and don’ts of technical content creation.

As a speaker, my ratings were around 7 out of 10.

Tied the knot

I got engaged back in 2012 and according to plan I married the special lady in March 2013. The idea of getting married was very correct but my calculations were not when it came to work life balance.

Family takes more time than I imagined and this affected my work speed. Now after a few months, I am pretty much settled and coming back to a point where I can maintain a balance between my personal life and work.

What I failed to achieve in 2013 was to write on different blogs to build credibility and authority from there. Although the year was not as good as 2012 but the best part is that I am still in the industry and I have another year to fix things up.

Before I discuss my plans for 2014, I have to thank a few people who supported me through out by motivating me to stay active and participative in the community.

My special thanks go out  to Dani Zehra (my wife)Ann SmartyJulie JoyceDon RhoadesTad ChefChris DysonJason AciderNeil Walker, Martin McDonald, Alan BleiweissSteve WebbMatthew BarbyBill SebladBill SlawskiEd Fry and Neil Patel.

My plans

Here is what I have planned to do in 2014:

  • Work especially on the quality of content so that people can actually find the content useful, actionable and engaging.
  • Get better at time management and try to make the best use of time available.
  • Travel aboard, on my own and also with my family.
  • Hire full time members in’s team.
  • Allow other members of the team to regularly write on
  • Work on other types of content instead of blog posts only.
  • Attend a SEO conference outside Pakistan.
  • Try getting authorship of few big brands within the industry
  • Expand my family to three people 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Goodbye 2013, It’s Time for 2014!”

  1. For sure that you welcomed 2014 so luxurious.. As the year passed by, technology also evolves and getting more comfortable than before.

  2. For sure that you welcomed 2014 so luxurious.. As the year passed by, technology also evolves and getting more comfortable than before.

  3. For sure that you welcomed 2014 so luxurious.. As the year passed by, technology also evolves and getting more comfortable than before.

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