Goodbye 2014, its time for a new Journey! [2015]

2014 was an interesting year and learning from 2013 actually helped me get better at many things in business as well as on a personal level. In this post (like every year) I will review 2014 and set targets for 2015 accordingly.

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2014 in Review!

Last year, I set several goals on a business and personal level; here is a detailed analysis of every one of them.

  • Quality of Content

One of the major deficiencies in 2013 was the quality of content on the blog. In 2014, my major focus was to write posts that actually mattered to people instead of writing just for the sake of putting something up on the blog. I saw a significant improvement; this year, not only did my post views and interaction go sky rocketing but I also started getting links naturally back to my posts and emails – like this:

Result: I would call it +1; this kind of appreciation is a super-refresher

  • Time and Project Management

This was one of the more difficult tasks for me throughout the year. One of the major reasons why clients in 2013 were not sticking with me was because I was bad at time management and often failed at sending them updates and reports on time which eventually pissed them off!

In 2014, I made a huge change by patching up with Pac and Copy Plus and set up a search department with them which allowed me to divide the work among more team members enabling me to work more effeon time and project management.

We have a small number of clients, but we are much more confident about bringing more quality clients in and this is because now we have a structure that allows us to stay transparent with clients and meet their targets accordingly.

Result: I would call it +0.75

  • Travel Abroad with family

Wops! I honestly wasn’t able to make it this year for two major reasons; 1) my little angel who is just 6 months old was a bigger responsibility than my calculations and 2) patching up with Pac and Copy and setting up a department with them didn’t allow me to take some time off and go on vacations.

I know it sounds lame, but I am seriously planning to take some time off and go for a vacation at some exotic hideout – without my laptop of course!

Result: Straight -1

  • Hire Full Time Members

Technically I am done with this! With Pac and Copy I managed to set up a department that runs under me and I run my project from their HQ… so yeah I do have quality resources to work for me.

Result: +1

  • Multiple Writers on

I planned to do that, but there was a major problems – I had to compromise on the quality as other members were writing general stuff and my blog started saying no to general or not really worthy content.

Though, I still allowed my friends to do guest posting and people like Umar Khan and Venchito did some stuff worth reading on my blog.

Result: +.25

  • Work on Multiple types of content

What I originally intended from this was to go for Infographics and videos but somehow I constantly find myself busy sorting out pending workloads  and as a result I have to agree that I completely failed at this.

Result: -1

  • Attend SEO conference abroad

Failed! I tried but didn’t manage to make it – the new business patch up and my sweet little angel… both were much more of a responsibility then I thought they would be!

Result: -1

  • Big Brand’s Authorship

I already had some great names and I added SEMRush in the list in 2014. I do have more that I will try to make it in the 1st Quarter of 2015.

Result: +.5

  • Expand my family to three

What do you think what kept me busy throughout 2014? That’s her!

I am so glad that she is with my wife and me. And yes… I do fail to achieve some of my professional goals, but the last 7 months were nothing less than superb!.

Result: +1

Overall Result of 2014: 1 + 0.75 – 1 + 1 + 0.25 – 1 – 1 + 0.5 + 1 = 1.5

I believe it’s a good number – but I was seriously expecting a lot more out of 2014. And now that 2015 is here, I have 365 more days to achieve my targets.

People who made a difference to my life!

Here is a list of amazing people who actually made a real difference to my life by helping me out and keeping me on the right track.

Mam, you are amazing! I really thank you for replying to all of my emails and helping me whenever possible. Plus: I owe you one for referring a client 🙂

The Interaction was almost non-existent between us, but your initial teachings are still helping me getting better each day.

You allowed me to write on Daily SEO Tip which was the greatest thing that ever happened to me professionally and I will always thank you for that.

When things go wrong with me on a professional level, I went straight to one person and never got disappointment in return. Thank you sir!

Thank you for being my mentor, teacher and a person who teach how to do SEO right and then appreciate me when I was on the track.

Screaming Frog is amazing, you interact with Dan and you will know why!

He is a champ; I did screw up a small assignment because of the lack of proper time management on which he should be pissed, but as an influencer he is always honest in his opinions and suggestions.

I knew and respect him as a professional for years but when I see him helping Dania, I realized he is one hell of a gentleman too.

It feels great when a gentleman who knows his game trust you! Thank you for that sir!

Didn’t really interacted much with him, but his skyscraper technique really made me a big fan of his!

Plans for 2015:

  1. Attend as many SEO conferences as I can either as a speaker or as an attendee, and get first-hand knowledge from the influencers around the world.
  2. Try, test and create processes that allow businesses to stay with us for a longer period of time and prepare a team to manage and execute the most complex SEO and digital marketing projects.
  3. Increase the quality of content on my blog
  4. Double the revenue number in 2015.
  5. Set up an ecommerce store and generate serious profits within a year.
  6. Get authorship of Media Magazines and Top notch blogs within the digital marketing and startup area.
  7. Take 2 vacations with my family in a single year!
  8. Prepare and bring Dania back to

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