Google Link Disavow Tool – #meme style thoughts

Yes you might have already heard, read and learned a lot about the GOOGLE LINK DISAVOW TOOL due to the overwhelming hype that has occupied SEO industry since its release as almost every top-notch blog has featured a post about it; one of my favorites amongst them is by Tad Chef. He wrote an interesting must read post about link disavow, that I would highly recommend to you. You might not find this in Google search results as he has barred Google from crawling his site.

While many think Google Link Disavow tool as a good source of aid for SEO and Googlers I believe it’s a tool that is less helpful for users and more helpful for Google itself as they are throwing their work on their users using their services.

I didn’t want to bore you with yet another thousand plus words post on this topic repeating all the information that has already been well comprehended by industry’s top-notch blogs, but I couldn’t resist myself from sharing my views on this topic so I decided to tweak my thoughts in to memes:






Happy Sign? Now it’s a complete debate on this… wanna join?


This is a master piece!

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