How to get great SEO Jobs at the Ideal Company?

I’ve been around in the SEO industry for years. I had joined this industry as an article submitter many years back when mass article writing and directory submissions were all it took to get better rankings in Google SERPs for desired key phrases. I also witnessed the first ever panda update and how things changed drastically after that.

I worked under different namaes; some taught me how not to do SEO while others gave me a better insight of what digital marketing was all about and how SEO should be done the ‘right way!’ Now after all these years, working under different companies and on different positions, I am confident that my advice in this article will help new SEO officers in finding better jobs that can possibly change their life.

Register to different Job Portals!

This is the easiest solution that anyone will think of when it comes to getting great jobs in the SEO industry. All you have to do is register to job portals, wait for that perfect job opportunity, prepare for the interview and wait for the results to be in your favor.

This is right; but if you ask me, it’s not a very good solution to the problem because you are almost helpless at every step. You register and wait for the opportunity, which is not in your hand, then you give the best interview you think you could have ever given only to enter a phase of uncertainty again because you don’t know if the decision will be in your favor or not.

My idea is to change this system as a whole. In my opinion, if you want a great job at a great company, do something amazing that catches their attention (you are not helpless here), and then make them pick you instead of you applying to them. Here are a few ideas you could implement if you’re aiming to do something like this.

  • Follow them on Social Media

Social Media is probably the best place to engage with the great brands and brains who are working at the back of the SEO industry. If you want a great job, the first thing you should do is capture the attention of the people who are running the show.

In order to capture the attention, you have to first understand what they like and dislike. In order to get that you should follow them on social media platforms. When it comes to people doing well in the SEO industry, the best social media platform to follow them is Twitter.

Tracking their interests is one thing; you should also engage with them and build relationships not only on social media but beyond that.

I personally built relationships with many industry leaders and got feedback about me and my work from them and have put on my about us page.

Pro Tip: Following and tracking never means stocking and irritating them everywhere on the internet.

  • Do something worth Noticing

This is important because simply communicating and building a relationship will not work. Remember you need to impose that you are the one they need to include in their team and that choosing you over everyone else will be their best decision – ever.

In order to do that, you have to do a lot more than ordinary stuff they probably see in the industry every day. This is tough of course, but there is no shortcut to it. The idea is to dig into the industry, find the gap and fill it in the best possible way.

When it comes to doing something worth noticing, I have tried quite a handful of unique things on my blog, and one of the pieces that got eyeballs turning was a post that talked about the anatomy of a perfect link.

The article got re-shared by bloggers, companies, journalists and possibly so many more. The next thing I did was I reached out to them and thanked them for liking the blog. This not only gave them a hint of who wrote the blog, but also helped me build connections with some of the most amazing people on the internet within my industry.

It helped me get the attention of many of the companies I ideally wanted to work with. Not only that, I also got a few emails from people belonging to other industries who wanted some work from me, which obviously helped me earn more dollars 🙂

  • Be Consistent and wait for magic to happen

One of the mistakes that I see people often make is they do just one amazing piece and wait for magic to happen. To be honest, this is not how it works; you have to be a lot more active and consistent in your efforts to make yourself notable. I’m not only implying that you keep creating good content one after another, but to also stay active in the community and help other people whenever possible. Once you continue to produce great content that caters to the needs of companies you ideally want to work with, you will start getting emails like these:

and like this!

and like this:

So, do you want a job in a company that you’ve always dreamed of working in? get started because there are way too many others in line!

3 thoughts on “How to get great SEO Jobs at the Ideal Company?”

  1. Hi Moosa:

    Really nice tips! I think your tips will help to get freelance SEO Jobs also. Thanks Man!

    Best Regards
    Miraj Gazi

  2. Hi Moosa:

    Really nice tips! I think your tips will help to get freelance SEO Jobs also. Thanks Man!

    Best Regards
    Miraj Gazi

  3. Hi Moosa:

    Really nice tips! I think your tips will help to get freelance SEO Jobs also. Thanks Man!

    Best Regards
    Miraj Gazi

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