Interview with a Link brain, Venchito Tampon

If you are a regular reader or a subscriber (if not, see the orange bar above? You can use that to subscribe J) of my blog you will have an idea that from time to time I tend to interview different people who are doing an amazing job in the search and digital marketing arena.

Today, the interviewee is my great friend, peer and one of the renowned names from ASIA when it comes to link building. Our communicated was initiated  with writing guest posts for each other than we wrote a book together and now we are working together on a project called LinkCore Media.

He is none other than a mate from the Philippines, Mr. Venchito Tampon.

Ven, Thank you for taking some time for this interview ! I will try not to ask you questions that people haven’t already asked but I would prefer to ask you questions that will help people know you and your work better.

So, without further ado, here are my questions for you!

To be honest, I don’t see a strong connection between search marketing and accounting unless you start your own SEO (or IM) agency and hire a finance manager/accountant to help you with the financial statements or you manage the financial side of the business by yourself.

I’ve decided last year to continue my career as a search marketer since this is where my passion stems from and would like to invest more time, love and effort in order to excel in this chosen field.

Part of my goal this year is not only to grow my link building company, LinkCore Media but also to become one of the finest Filipino motivational speakers and digital marketing speakers in our country (though it will surely take a lot of practice before that goal will be achieved).

I guess link building today requires more creativity rather than just following a repetitive process, which makes this specific field challenging for me.

Aside from that, I’ve been mostly involved in the link building work when I started my journey in internet marketing, since my former boss (Jon Cooper) hired me to become his freelance link builder. That kind of work, allows me to learn new skills and knowledge that I need today to start offering high quality link building services to local and international clients.

I’ve been reading advanced SEO blogs since I started my search marketing journey (I guess this pushes me to become more advanced also with my work). A few of those blogs are:

Those blogs inspired me to start my own link building blog.

Sure. 🙂

One of my biggest failures is when I started my start-up link building firm three years ago (December of 2013). We had two clients at that time and four full time home based link builders (most of them are my industry friends).

Given that I didn’t have documented processes for operation and marketing sides of the business, we were not able to provide quality services for our clients at the expected turnaround time (reporting date or end of the month).

I lost those two clients and fired all my link builders. It was a mess up of things but God is good I was able to recover from that failure. And now, I’m growing my current link building team with documented processes, training and quality client acquisition and lead generation activities.

I look at our past relationships with bloggers and webmasters in the industry where our client’s website belongs. Then see if there are opportunities that we can earn links through the connections we built (not paying them but simply sharing good offerings of the client and/or its existing contents – in case he/she don’t want to invest in future content assets).

The perfection of the link depends on the website and its specific goals.

For corporate websites, getting links from blogs/sites who almost promote their products/services can be considered as a perfect link for them since it might drive potential revenue to their business.

For blogs, the perfect link may be an unlinked/linked mention from Forbes, Washington Times or other authoritative news sites, since it will add credibility, social followers, readers and potential subscribers to the blog.

That’s pretty hard man. Haha!

But here are the 5 tips on how not to build links:

  • Don’t blog.
  • Don’t improve your products/services (do not make any updates at all.
  • Ask for negative feedbacks/reviews from your customers/clients.
  • Don’t engage with community users in social media platforms and forum sites.
  • Make your website ugly.

At least the basic of HTML and CSS will do. It is important to have a basic knowledge of those skill sets since you’ll be coordinating with high-end web developers/designers in your agency. Also, in order to set things right and to provide feedback to them, you should at least know the basics of coding.

Link earning.

Dan Petrovic from DejanSEO has been evangelizing that term lately and I guess that is where link building is heading now – it’s earning links the right way.

Though it will require hard work for sure since you need to have useful content pieces and build relationships with your target audience through email, phone or social media, the results of your work are worth investing in.

Not a good link grabbing technique, but those two link building methods are great for engagement and branding.

I’ve shared my conversion-oriented forum marketing strategy in my latest link building 2015 post, wherein the results are overwhelming (Moz community site is continuously sending me potential clients even until now – right after I got a positive link from one of Moz’s forum threads).

Follow God and excellence and success will follow.

Great question man. I always acquainted social media with any career-related discussions since that is what most people commonly know, when you talk about internet marketing in general.

Though I’m not a social media manager, sharing tips on how my industry friends can promote their offline business in Facebook would help them understand how I work as a marketer.

Once again, thank you Ven for your time and I am sure your answers will shake people’s head and few of them might re-think about their link building strategies they are using.

Note: If you have any other question from Ven, people feel from to drop it in the comment section and I will request Ven to reply to that accordingly 🙂

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