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8 Best Keyword Research Tools To Step Up Your SEO game

“I mean, come-on Fred, you cannot rank on Google unless you have the best keyword research tools and a deeper understanding of those tools.”

This was my suggestion to a renowned brand owner who was in a hurry and wanted me to suggest fool-proof advice for his new startup.

Whether you are a budding startup or a well-established business, SEO is something that you might need throughout your business journey. It is one thing that will keep your business alive in the eyes of your customer.

And it is not just a onetime thing; if you want to index your pages in the top search results, you must take help from keyword research tools that you can operate yourself.

But the problem is where you will find the tools and how to figure out which tools are best suited for your work?

You are in luck today because we will be discussing the eight incredible keyword search tools that will help you to create a solid standing in the market. These tools are free, so you don’t have to worry about investing extra money in these tools.

Why it’s essential to use the best keyword research tools?

Firstly, because the competition is strict and you need something that is already successful and giving out results. Secondly, each tool is easy to use, and thirdly, even if you start from scratch, you can learn these tools quickly and use them without any external help.

Let’s look at these tools and how they can help you with your business. The best approach will be to try these tools and find out the strength of each tool and use that for your advantage.

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A tool that visualizes each search term and presents it in a cloud form placing them in the following categories ‘how,’ ‘can,’ ‘are,’ ‘which’ and ‘will.’ Each query will be displayed in a question form, which means it will show the best possible way in which the user will search the keywords with a question.

You will view the data in two modes. First is the visualization form where data will be in a spiral and second its data where each keyword will be divided into a category of how can, are, which, and will.

It is not a secret that a user prefers to search on Google or any other search engine in a query based-format. So, this tool will help you create questions from keywords that you can use directly in the content of your website.

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Keyword Surfer

Want to know the search volume of your primary keyword in Google search results?

Are you confused about related keywords? Or you want to know the domain authority of any website without visiting the domain? Keyword Surfer can get do it for you. Know the cost of each keyword and understand the worth of related keywords within one-go.

The incredible thing about this tool is that it’s free. This means it’s a heaven on earth for startups who don’t have a clue on which keywords to target for their users. The tool will seek the internet for top-rated keywords and present them right in front of you.



Do you know that Reddit is the ultimate source of ideas? When you don’t have a clue on which topics to cover for your blog or which specific keywords users are searching, Reddit will help you clear all the doubts you have.

And luckily, a tool like Keyworddit can help you make your dream come true. Just type in the topic that feels like searching, and you’ll get the related keywords with monthly search volume right next to it.

This tool is a great help for businesses that find it difficult to generate ideas for their blog post. Just put a topic in the search box, and you’ll get to know how people are creating content on Reddit. A must-have tool for startups and business owners who are suffering from new ideas for their content.


Google Search Console

If you want to improve the traffic of your website, then let Google Search Console be your ultimate savior. Measure the website traffic, find out what’s wrong on the website, and fix SEO-related issues right from the Google Search Console tool.

Optimize your content as per the recommendations of Google with this ultimate user-friendly tool, which will never disappoint or put your website in the red zone.

The most fantastic feature of Google Search Console is that you’ll exactly know when things are going south for your business, and as soon as you get a signal, you will be able to fix the bug before it gets out of hand.


Bulk Keyword Generator

One major problem for startups is to find out local keywords that potential users are searching on Google. Well. Not anymore. A tool like Bulk Keyword Generator takes your city as the input, initiate the process, and come up with tons of local keywords that can help you to excel or beat your competitors then and there.

The incredible thing about this tool is that you don’t have to do any heavy lifting. Just tell the tool your business niche, and the tool will automatically suggest local keywords that are helpful for your business.


A tool by the SEO king himself. Get content ideas, know the traffic volume for each keyword, and make wise decisions for your SEO with this mind-blowing tool by Neil Patel. Since an SEO genius creates the tool, it consists of all necessitates that you will need to make your website land on the first page of Google.

Just follow the suggestions provided by this tool, and you will be able to create blogs/content that will surely rank in Google and help you reach the target audience.

With this tool, you can quickly master the art of keyword research and become proficient with search terms and generate fantastic content ideas out of the blue. One of the best keyword research tools that will help you to get a grip on SEO search terms and get a deeper understanding of which keywords are necessary for your business.



A tool that specializes in competitor keyword research, Google Ads optimization, and keyword ideas that will help you get in the good books of Google search.

SEMrush is a tool trusted by marketing experts all across the globe. The fact that tools can audit your website/blog and presents you with backlinking opportunities that will list your website among the top-searched websites in Google search results.

One of the most widely and best keyword research tools that can help you to start from scratch and build a stable SEO position of your brand online.



A tool that needs no introduction. And frankly speaking, it’s more than just a standard keyword research tool. It can look for broken links, redirect your broken pages, and eliminate chances of your website being labeled as dangerous for SEO.

The Ahref tool presents you with tools and features that will help you to learn SEO from scratch and move towards an advanced level. The tool is simple to use and can get you whatever you need to understand the buying intent of the user. Ahref will help you with the fixes, close the understanding gap between you and your potential user. All and all, this is a must-have tool for anyone willing to get out there and index their website in the top search results of Google or any other search engine.

Ahref keyword research tool

In the end

Each of these tools offers various features that can help you rank your website better. Use these tools to figure out what is working for your competitors, what you are doing wrong, and what you can do to increase your market share and get a better ranking on search results.

As we all know that competition is fierce out there. If you want to succeed as a business, you must put all the effort and help that you can get from any person or tool. These tools have helped us a lot, and we can tell by experience that they will help you, too, if you take our time to learn these tools and make the most of it. Admittedly, it might take some time to learn, but the learning will be worth every dollar.

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