Matt Cutts Webmaster Videos with Transcription

Three months back we decided to change the layout of our website, the major reason was to make our content engaging and easy to read for the readers. Our previous design was only desktop friendly, but now you can easily read our content on mobile devices as well. We have not only focused on design, but also on engaging content like surveys, videos, interactive images and more, which was nearly impossible with the last design we had.

Through this transition, there were times when we needed to listen to what Matt Cutts had to say about different design switching issues, for the video access we were in need of YouTube, but unfortunately is ban in our country. The only option we were left with was to switch our IP address and get access to videos.

At that time, I decided to take some time out and transcript the videos in a text format so that people who do not have access to YouTube will still be able to gain knowledge of Google’s word about the different webmaster related issues.

Mashable listed the countires where YouTube is banned. Pakistan is not in the list, but it is does not have access to the site since more than 2 year now.

Webmaster Video Transcription

We at are a small team with a BIG idea, so we do not really have a separate resource that does all the transcription work, but I with my team try to give some extra time and add at least one or two videos every week.

At the moment, we have around twenty videos with transcription are available, we will continue to add more videos every week (at least two) and try to include as many as we can.

We Need Your Support!

Yes, we do need you to help us share the word with your circles. We want to you to share this Webmaster Video section as much as you can! The more you are going to share, the more we will be encouraged to work on more videos.

Ideally, we are planning to transcript all videos by Matt Cutts available on the Webmaster Help Channel and update the section as soon as any new video comes out.

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