#MozCon 2015 – Not Your Typical Search Marketing Conference

Thank you Moz for the spectacular event full of knowledge and learning!

It was my first MozCon so thank you for letting me meet all the amazing people I only knew virtually. Obviously, I have not been to any other conferences, but I can definitely say that MozCon was not a typical search marketing conference.

I write this post to say thank you to all the people who not only made me attend the event, but also made it a wonderful moment of my life.

So, I will go one by one here 🙂

Note: Before everyone else, the US embassy people who issued me the VISA without a problem 😉

My Better Half:  She is a big part of who I am today. Without her, this trip would have been impossible. Thank you for all the help and support. You are the best!

And people! She is very sound when it comes to search marketing so if you are looking for search marketing updates, I recommend that you follow her on twitter (@DaniZehra).

My Boss: Thank you Matt, because without your permission, I probably had to cancel my trip. Your ultimate support always makes me learn more and do better at work!

If you are looking for advance e-commerce and growth hacking stuff, subscribe to his blog MattJanaway.com

The Moz Team: My initial plan was to attend MozCon 2016 but thanks to Jen and the Moz team who made this possible a year earlier by offering me a Free ticket to MozCon.

Anyone who thinks this was a special favor because I am somebody special (and no I am not 🙂 ), the offer is available to anyone who moved to Oracle member in the Moz Community 🙂

I knew many people virtually, but meeting them in real world was a next level experience. Everyone was amazing but I have to list several special people who not only welcomed me but also introduced me to people in their circle.

Gianluca Fiorelli: If I have to mention names in the SEO and Search Marketing industry who not only supported me and guided me when I was wrong, Gianluca would be near the top of the list. He is my inspiration, mentor and such an amazing personality to meet in person.

He was one of the community speakers at MozCon 2015, (checkout his slide here). Gianluca, it was great meeting you in person for the first time and I will try my best to be there next year and learn more from you :).

Bill Sebald:  Now, I will not sugarcoat the fact that I am definitely not kind to him. However, Bill is indeed one of the best people you will ever find in the search industry.

Sorry for the bad selfie 😉

You don’t believe me? Check out some of the free SEO tools his team have created or read his insightful blogs.

Jennifer Sable Lopez: There is no doubt that Moz have an amazing community but I can bet it will not be as interesting and amazing as it is today without Jen, the perfect example of TAGFEE in real life :).

Thank you Jen for an amazing MozCon and I am defiantly coming to next MozCon.

Find out more about Jen here!

Christy Correll: I had known her for a while but had no idea that I would encounter such a phenomenal personality when I met Christy Correll. Want to know more about her? Get active on MozQnA.

Thank you Christy for the worm welcome at MozCon and at the Bird of the Feature table J. I highly recommend following her on twitter .

Cyrus Shepard: That hug at the #MozCrawl is simply unforgettable. You are one of those few people in the community I love and respect the most. If I list down 10 reasons why one should join MozCon 2016, meeting Cyrus Shepard in real will be one of them 🙂

If you want to know more about Cyrus Shepard, you can find it here.

Dr. Pete Meyers: If you are a search marketing professional, Dr. Pete Meyers is the man you should be following. Although he has a cute face but he could scare you just by his words. His presentation about the future of SEO in 2020 is one example of it!

Thank you for your time at MozCon. We had a quick but meaningful chat on Moz’s SPAM score feature.

Dejan SEO: Talk about SEO professionals in Australia and one of the prominent names that will pop up almost immediately will be Dan of Dejan SEO.

It was great to meet you in person. I really enjoyed you at MozCon Ignite.

What Wil Reynolds? Oh, he is amazing. So many people surrounded him that I did not get the chance to ask him for a selfie. Maybe I will get the chance in 2016 🙂

I met a roomful of people and I do not really have the pictures of everyone but one person who inspired me a lot was Purna Virji. You are such an amazing personality and it was great to see the first desi on the stage of MozCon.

Thank you Purna for the amazing presentation at MozCon and it was great talking to you after the MozCon event. I took your suggestions and advices seriously and will start writing a book soon! J

I attended my first MozCon but I am following the event for years. I can say that no MozCon is incomplete without a picture with two people so here I go!

A Picture with a Rand Fishkin:

And there is only one person who is more famous than Rand Fishkin and that is Roger! So here I go!

A Picture with a Roger:

MozCon 2015 gives me the opportunity to make some new friends and I would like to mention few of them who inspired me:

  1. Paul Shapiro
  2. Chris Dayley
  3. Nate Plaunt
  4. Nitin Manchanda
  5. Jason Dodge
  6. Kane Jamison
  7. Damon Gochneaur

All in all, MozCon was an amazing event and I am so glad that I actually made it. I learned a lot and now is the time to implement what I have learned and share it with my readers on my blog. If you want to know what I have learned from MozCon, I highly recommend you subscribing to my blog.

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