#MozCon Day 3

I am sure you have heard the term ‘save the best for last’… Moz actually went ahead and implemented it on MozCon 2016. I felt and said that the last day was a little low from the actionable standpoint but today it seems like they totally made up for yesterday in setting new and better standards for MozCon.

Since morning, every single presentation was so actionable that you couldn’t stop but get out of your seat, find those presenters and get a selfie with them. Some exceptional presentations were given by Kindra Hall, Tara, Reed, Kirsty Hulse, Cindy Krum and of course Rand Fishkin.

Well, I managed to find Kindra Hall and she was kind enough to let me take a selfie with her. Here it is!

Here you can find the detailed review of the last day at MozCon.

09:00-10:00 AM                                                          Breakfast


10:05-10:35 AM          The Irresistible Power of Strategic Storytelling with Kindra Hall

Kindra Hall best explained how to tell a story in business. A good story can attract customers to your business without going crazy over buzzwords. She dissected the most effective strategy in marketing to show core elements that bring out the best in a business’s story.

  • What exactly is a story? And how is a story irresistible? Kindra redefines the concept of story-telling to implement it on marketing.
  • Why does storytelling work so well? Because it is pure science. Kindra proves her point with explaining how the brain responds to good stories.
  • The value of storytelling for marketers on Facebook is immense. Kindra Hall describes while quoting real examples from Adaptly and Refinery29.
  • Stories are memorable. They stay in a person’s mind and linger on for much longer.
  • What a story is not: It’s not just a tagline, a feature or a bunch of infographics.
  • What a story is?
  • Foolproof storytelling strategies:
    Don’t stress out, find the story, craft it and tell it to the world.
  • Apple’s holiday commercial, Budweiser’s superbowl commercial and Save the children commercial on the Syrian Crisis told powerful stories that had a huge impact on people’s mind. Impact strong enough to provoke them to do something.
  • Get weekly techniques and implement them!

10:35-11:30 AM          29 Advanced Google Tag Manager Tips Every Marketer Should Know with Mike Arnesen

Mike walked us through the path of using a very effective tool – the Google Tag Manager. According to Mike, the tool can be used in a variety of ways to track changes in your site that help in analyzing key segments that are getting more attention.

  • What Mike did was to open our minds to new possibilities. What he said he isn’t doing was to review basic mechanics and teach us Javascript.
  • The anatomy of a GTM tip:

1- Crawl for GTM: Practice good housekeeping.

2- Inject jQuery.

3- Harvest clickstream data.

4- Test and release: Build and QA your container locally.

5- Manage environment for better enterprise testing.

6- Make semi-permanent changes.

7- Track PDF, MP3 and other file downloads.

8- Track off-site downloads.

9- Track outbound clicks.

10- Configure cross-domain and subdomain tracking.

11- See full hostnames.

12- Strip out PII.

13- Use nested variables.

14- Merge GA and CRM data.

15- Leverage a data layer.

16- Measure scroll depth.

17- Observe dwell time.

18- Monitor pogosticking.

19- Filter out your team’s traffic.

20- Update metadata.

21- Implement structured data.

22- Hack site search tracking.

23- Configure analytics for web apps.

24- Measure video engagement.

25- Monitor form abandonment.

26- Measure Adblocking traffic.

27- Close with personalization.

28- Create flexible lookups.

29- Export and import containers.

11:20-11:50 AM                                              AM BREAK

11:55-12:25 PM          Engineering-As-Marketing for Non-Engineers with Tara Reed

Tara taught us how to be very marketing savvy without writing even a single line of code. Her main focus was on using engineering as marketing for real.

  • Engineering is as marketing when you build interactive tools to acquire, convert and engage leads. It takes an almost scientific approach to do so.
  • This is how your strategy will look like:
  • This is how your plan will look like:
  • Tara encourages people to become effective marketers without being engineers.
  • You can differentiate from the norm by using this strategy and get so much conversion on your website.
  • You can build tools to convert millions of users. Some tools can get you many pageviews compared to old strategies. Most marketers don’t think that way.


12:25-12:55 PM             Persuasion, Data, & Collaboration: Building Links in 2016 with Kirsty Hulse

Kirsty taught us the basics of persuasion, which is nothing less than art in my opinion. Persuading people to collaborate with you, writing strong emails and being able to make people say yes to your project is key to good selling.

  • Clients don’t say yes and many experts don’t understand our points of view. What to do? They are all human and so are we.
  • If you have something amazing to say, the client that says yes is actually quitting the jargon.
  • Pitch ideas using questions and use good, affordable data. Try Pollfish.
  • Give your surveys to people who care, to get replies that matter.
  • Adding expert opinions increases credibility.
  • Try to be persuasive in your outreach emails.


  • Using language that hits a person’s mind is very effectively. It makes people respond.
  • Citing your sources isn’t just enough.
  • Play to people’s egos to make them listen to you.
  • Send persuasive emails to national press first. It gets the word around.
  • Result:


12:55-02:25 PM                                              LUNCH

02:30-03:15 PM          Indexing on Fire: Google Firebase Native and Web App Indexing with Cindy Krum

Google’s Firebase is a new and very helpful platform to build, manage and launch effective apps on all your devices. She explained how to use Firebase to achieve the results you desire.

  • Indexed content ranks. In the beginning Google didn’t crawl apps or Jacascript.
  • Google sped up to the point that Android apps were born.
  • Web and native app indexing is similar in nature:
  • Crawling is a bit primitive.
  • Responsive design requires a lot of Javascript.
  • Google wants to crawl Javascript a lot lately.
  • Don’t kill SEO to be a progressive web app
  • Google’s Firebase claims to be the answers to all these problems:
  • Should you use Firebase even if it is new? It can be very helpful in indexing, which on other ways is a bit of a mayhem.
  • Tracking becomes easier with Firebase.



03:15-03:45 PM          Mind Games: Craft Killer Experiences with 7 Lessons from Cognitive Psychology with Sarah Weise

Online marketing nowadays is a lot about asking people to click on your product, buy your stuff or stay on your website. Sarah uses the tips from cognitive psychology to help understand behaviors that lead to a good customer experience. Applying these tricks to digital marketing will boost your conversion rates and sales.

  • 95% of human decisions are based on an unconscious assertion.
  • There’s rational brain, irrational brain and survival brain.
  • Survival brain is very selfish. Emotions are what drive your digital behavior and persona.
  • Scarcity of options leads people to make irrational decisions and thus buy products:
  • Loss aversion and comparison makes users feel they are missing out on something and need to get it right now!
  • Association makes users feel like they are also related, and they are triggered to act

  • Authority and reasoning tell you that the decision you make is in your full benefit. Why should you choose us? Because we offer a solution.


03:45-04:15 PM                                              PM Break

04:20-05:05 PM          Link Building’s Tipping Point with Rand Fishkin

Links are still part and parcel of digital marketing. People have started to believe that good content will get them any result they wish, but it is just a myth that Rand tried to bust. Links still rule the game, so we learnt some cool new tips to get and maintain links online.

  • Where have the link building algorithms been?
  • Links found in a page’s primary content are often taken as editorial.
  • Spam and manipulative links aren’t in the good books of search engines.
  • Then there are so many other factors:
  • Google knows where and how the search begins and where it ends. It relies heavily on surfer satisfaction.
  • Google teams are always analyzing search data to assess if the results help the searcher or not. They keep on doing tweaks in the algorithms to get the searcher the most relevant results.
  • Google’s Machine learning models are revolutionizing their strategy, by updating them with results.
  • Every marketer needs a strategic roadmap to build a successful link strategy.
  • Long-term investments benefit more and yield better results.
  • Community path. Embed path, alliance path, content marketing path- all help as long-term investments.
  • A great link builder focuses on flywheels.
  • See Moz’s flywheel:
    Link building hacks accelerate a flywheel.
  1. Guest contributions.
  2. Local links.
  3. Content acquisitions.
  4. Being someone else’s press
  5. Bio links.
  6. Resource lists.
  7. Case studies.
  8. Brand image.
  9. Orthogonal alignments.
  • Direct your strategy where Google and users are going. If your strategy doesn’t align, you may have problems with long-term plans.

This marked the end to a very eventful three-day conference. The experience couldn’t have been any better, but I am sure Moz will outdo themselves next year as well. To get more digital marketing related information in your inbox, subscribe to our mailing list.

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