One powerful CRO hack that works for every business

You have to be where your customers are! This applies to all kinds of businesses including ecommerce, SaaS tool, service industry and every other conceivable trade there is.

Online businesses are spending some serious money on different channels in order to acquire new customers and increase the lifetime value of existing ones, in an effort to increase their profits.

In order to increase conversion rates, businesses continuously try different CRO tactics to see which ones works well with their target audience. To be honest, you can use dozens of different CRO hacks on your website, depending on the kind of business model or audience you have.

But, there is one conversion hack that works well for every business and helps increase conversions dramatically; it’s called Branding.

Statistics about Brands influence Purchase Decisions:

  • 59% of shoppers prefer to buy a new product from brands familiar to them.
  • 21% say they can purchase a new product because it was from a brand they like.
  • 77% of brand conversions on social media are people looking for advice, information or help.
  • 4 in 10 Americans have boycotted a brand in the past year due to its irresponsible behavior.
  • 64% of the people would open an email just because they trust the brand.

Report by Business2Community

It’s crystal clear that brands have a huge impact on people who can be potential buyers. I mean if you search for coffee houses via Google in your vicinity, it will give you a number of different options, but you would naturally choose the one that is your personal favorite, or have heard positive reviews about.


We now know for a fact that in order to increase business conversions, branding is one of the primary elements that you need to consider. But, how to make your business a brand is still a question.

What makes a business a brand?

There are quite a few things, which differentiate brands from other regular businesses within the same niche to be the number one choice of potential customers. I will list down few important ones that you can implement on your business and make it a brand that people will love.

Unique Voice

USP is a common term in the marketing industry. Similar to USP is another more powerful element known as ‘Unique Voice’ that a brand must have, which should be considered every time new content is shared with the audience. is one example of a brand with a unique voice that you can witness on their website, blog, customer service and even on Paul May’s twitter account. This is what makes them different then all of their competitors.

Their unique voice hasn’t just made them the authority figure within their industry, but has enabled them to acquire new customers and increase their lifetime brand value over the years.

Break the wall, talk to your customers

Gone are the days when businesses built walls around themselves to become a leading brand. Today, even the biggest brands like Unilever and Nestle are active on social media listen to their customers and share their insights. What makes you stand out from anyone in your industry is your transparency and how you build relationships with your customers.

Pampers did an amazing job in engaging their audience (to-be-parents) by creating a community that helps each other with problems, advice and more.

Want to become a brand? Don’t use social media just to market your product or service, instead, use it to stay close to your customers, or even better, create a community around your brand.

Go beyond customer engagement

Customer engagement is important, but this is what most brands are already doing on social media platforms. In fact, this is also being applied on business websites  using live chat apps.

But, in order to become the number one choice for your target traffic, you need to go beyond customer engagement and make them feel special. actually went beyond customer engagement by offering Moz Perks for their pro members where customers can get special discounts on different tools.

If you want to become a brand people love, try offering something more than just social media engagement. Try to give them free conference tickets, free tools or something that actually means a lot to them.

Be Bold. Be the first!

If you are in a competitive niche, customer engagement alone isn’t really going to make you a brand. You need to do something that no one in the industry is currently doing. Start a new trend or go where others are afraid to. That could be a study about a specific topic, breaking the norms or being bold about something that you know is important to your audience, whatever you do; you have to be first.

Starbucks wasn’t really the first coffee shop ever, but what makes Starbucks stand out from the crowd is how they incorporated social media and digital marketing into their day-to-day operations and that they were the first to do so.

If you want to be a brand, you not only have to find a hole within your industry, but also fill it to perfection in a way that you are known and remembered for your feat. You will see that people will start to follow you and you will flourish as brand in no time.


If branding is the business skeleton, consistency is its backbone. If you are not going to be consistent in your efforts to become a brand, you never will be one. In fact, lukewarm efforts will have a negative impact that can hurt your business reputation.

If you are trying to build a community around your brand, or offering giveaways or adding some quality content to your blog, just make sure that you are consistent in your efforts so that the audience knows what to expect from you in the coming days, weeks and months.

Businesses are always working hard to increase their revenue. Consistent efforts on branding will only help you build a prominent name within the industry that later on will definitely help increase your business conversions.

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