How to Plan your Digital Marketing strategy for Christmas

According to a research 49% of the marketers usually start planning their campaign in late August and Launch their campaign before Halloween. If you haven’t done it you are late but still you got some time in your pocket and you should quickly focus on planning and execution on your Christmas campaign in order to boost your sales and business through online mediums.

In the rest of the article I will help you with how to quickly and effectively plan your campaign for Christmas and earn maximum profits.

  • Trends

Whenever you plan to launch any campaign, it is very important to check the trends and what you can do with it. When it comes to Christmas, the searching trends in Google started to go more than normal after October.

Here, I did a quick search on Google Trends for the word “Christmas”.

This trend is for United States only. The blue trend line shows search trend in 2012 and Red is the line for 2013. As half of the November is passed the people have already started searching about Christmas and this trend of search will rapidly increase till the New Year.

Search Engine Trends are not enough, you should also check the trends on social media to understand better about what people are searching and finding online.

Searching trend for the word “Christmas” is growing rapidly on social media as well.

Above given signs are the clear indicators that launching a Christmas campaign at this time of the year can help you earn big profits.

  • Competitor Analysis and Market Research

Let’s say you are a furniture store, you directly cannot go and launch a campaign without solid data in hand. Market Research will help you understand what people are currently looking for in your industry and competitor analysis (analyze their campaigns if they are live) will tell you what they are offering and if you can offer something more attractive there are more chances for you to win!

In order to do a quick Market Research, try not to get in to complex numbers and data reports, rather do a simple survey within your prevailing customer and email subscribers.

Draft some questions, create a free survey with the help of websites like Survey Crest and email it to your list. Based on the results decide what your targeted audience is looking for. Complex numbers and deep market research is always powerful but remember, you are already late so you have to do everything that is quick and effective.

Competitor Analysis is easy in the digital marketing world, all you have to have to do is to put your spy glasses on! As a smart business person, you must have subscribed to most of your competitor’s email list, just check their emails and see how they are going with Christmas campaigns!

If they haven’t launched anything yet, don’t be relaxed because you never know what they are up to! There is a strong possibility of them working on something super powerful (never underestimate your opponent) usually these type of campaigns need Media/PR help plus blogging and SEO.

In order to keep an eye on that just go to open side explorer and see what they are up to. If you see there are new links coming from Media/PR sites or if they are actively getting links from powerful websites, you probably should investigate and figure out what they are up to!

  • What should I offer?

Discounts right? Well, this is true that Christmas is all about big discounts and people are generally expecting it! But it is not your only option, also it might vary from industry to industry.

The quickest thing you can do to come up with what you should offer and what products you should select is by keeping your survey data and competitor analysis.

I was searching for some furniture websites; they mostly offer a certain percentage of discounts (around 30 to 60%) of discounts but technology industry is different are they are offering combo deals plus discounts on limited products unlike furniture websites that offer sale on all of their products.

The best idea is to put the results of your competitor analysis and customer survey and keeping that in mind see what products and how much discounts you can offer it to your customers within this campaigns.

  • What Channels should I use

Choosing the online channel is very important! You need to choose the platforms where your audience is already available plus the channels should have the ability to produce quick results. When I said quick results, probably traditional SEO or in other words SERP rankings should never be your choice because it will take months of time to get on to the first page of Google for any of the competitive term.

Traffic generation channels like Blogging, Social Media, Content Marketing, Paid Ads, eBook and more should work!

Here, I will quickly discuss few of the channels and what you can expect from it.

    • Blogging

If you have a community and audiences around your blog and brand, then you are living in an ideal situation but if not you probably have to find the blog and websites that already have your targeted traffic and then leverage their traffic to your own website.

Most ethical bloggers usually allow guest writing on blogs, all you have to do is to find the blogs where your targeted audience is available and then request them to allow you writing a blog post on your blog.

Do not try to sell your campaign on the blog but all you want from blogging is to cater the attention of their traffic and encourage them to come to your website.

    • Social Media

This is less time consuming plus you can also promote your campaign but overdoing anything here will not only make your campaign go fail but it will also hurt your brand’s reputation on the bigger canvas.

The best idea in my opinion that can cater great results is by using Promotional Posts and Promoted Tweets.

So, your facebook fan page has very few likes! No problem. Just craft a very engaging post around your campaign and this sponsored post will help you get more likes plus your reach will be bigger than your expectation.

Twitter promoted tweets also offer great benefits. Question that might comes in to mind is what is better in between facebook promoted Ads or Promoted Tweets then the clear answer is, It depends on industry, audience and more.

    • Content Marketing

No matter how much you promote your product and campaigns, if your content is not powerful enough to inspire audience, you probably going miss that wonder that you are ideally looking for!

The idea is to craft phenomenal and inspiring content around your campaign that allow the targeted audience to share with their circles naturally. Google India recently come up with their new Ad to promote their services and honestly speaking that commercial is the perfect example of Content Marketing.

    • Media /PR

You need this to cater large group of people within your audience. Obviously any PR firm or magazine most probably have more traffic than your own website have!

All you have to do is to get benefit from it by including the news or an article around your campaign with a link that points to your campaign.

If you are from a furniture industry and somehow get a chance to get featured in House Beautiful or BHG your sales will improve tremendously.

There are many different inbound marketing and traffic generation channels that can help you with traffic and lead generation but I tried to discuss the few that are quick and offer better return on investment.

  • What should I expect?

There is no one word answer to how much you should invest on your campaign but yes if you are going to invest more the more you should expect in return.

My advice will be to play smart, invest a small amount on every channel and keep a deep eye on analytics to see what is performing well and what channel is offering better return on investment. Select the channels that allow you to spend less and offer greater ROI, this way you will be able to earn more while spending less.

May this Christmas bring BIG profits to you! Merry Christmas.

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3 thoughts on “How to Plan your Digital Marketing strategy for Christmas”

  1. Thanks for the information Moosa, I would also consider for e-commerce bundling items and creating a christmas specific range. The goal over christmas is to keep value per cart really high, because no other shopper specific period has potential spends as great.

  2. Thanks for the information Moosa, I would also consider for e-commerce bundling items and creating a christmas specific range. The goal over christmas is to keep value per cart really high, because no other shopper specific period has potential spends as great.

  3. Thanks for the information Moosa, I would also consider for e-commerce bundling items and creating a christmas specific range. The goal over christmas is to keep value per cart really high, because no other shopper specific period has potential spends as great.

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