My plans for MozCon 2016

2015 was an amazing year. We as managed to increase our team and clients, and finally got a small but great physical space where we all sit together, work and learn. But there was one thing that made 2015 very special, and that was that I, as the founder of, attended my first ever search marketing conference – MozCon.

You can read my posts regarding MozCon 2015 here and here.

Now the great news is that this year I’m going for MozCon again to get firsthand knowledge from the most experienced search celebrities from around the world.


Obviously, every year MozCon shares great amount of knowledge, and networking and business opportunities and 2016 will be no different. As far as learning is concerned, here are the few sessions I’m really looking forward to attending;

  • ‘Uplevel your A/B testing skills’ with Cara Harshman

A/B testing is very important because a small change can significantly increase your conversion rate. We have previously talked about this in one of our posts where a small change in CRT button color increased conversions by a whopping 21%.

I am looking forward to learning new things, and implementing the knowledge on our website to see which ideas actually work. So, if you are interested, please subscribe to our blog and get regular – live from MozCon.

  • ‘How to do Reputation Management’ with Rhea Drysdale

One search celebrity I respect the most is Rhea Drysdale. As we also offer Reputation Management, this session is extremely important for my team and me at

  • ‘Rethinking Information Architecture for SEO and Content Marketing’ with Joe Hall

Information Architecture is important as it shapes the way we organize data. Joe’s new approach to IA for SEO and Content Marketing will hopefully help us perform better for our site and clients.

  • ‘Content Chaos: Building Your Brand through Constant Experiments’ with Ross Simmonds

Branding is growing in importance and as a digital marketer I cannot afford to skip this session. I don’t know Ross personally, but whatever I’ve read about him over the internet, I am already excited for his session.

  • ‘You Can’t Type a Concept: Why Keywords Still Matter’ with Dr. Pete Meyers

Dr. Pete is extremely knowledgeable in the field of keyword search. The fact that his talks are not based on assumptions but lots of data means that this session is going to be kickass!

  • ‘Boost SEO Rankings by Removing Internal Links’ with Alex Stein

What if someone told you to unlearn what you have learnt about internal linking to reach your goal of improved SEO rankings? This is exactly what Alex is doing which is why this is another session that I am looking forward to.

  • ‘Improve Your UX & SEO through Navigation Optimization’ with Robyn Winner

I can talk about UX and SEO for hours as this is one of my favorite topics and because this is very important for store owners who are looking to increase their online visibility and sales from organic channels.

Again, I don’t know Robyn personally but I will try to learn as much as I can and if I will have extra questions, I will ask her after the session and possibly compile a separate post here on for this session.

  • ‘Putting Trust into Domain Authority’ with Wil Reynolds

You really want to know why this session is going to be one of the best? Here is the picture that surely speaks louder than words:

This is the picture taken right after the Wil’s presentation last year.

  • ‘Persuasion, Data, & Collaboration: Building Links in 2016’ with Kirsty Hulse

Building links is the most exciting topic for me as its challenging, essential for results and worth the time and effort it takes for every kind of business regardless of the industry. Looking forward to learning new tricks and ideas to build high-quality links from Kirsty Hulse

  • ‘Link Building’s Tipping Point’ with Rand Fishkin

Again, it’s link building and it’s from ‘the Rand Fishkin’. Who can afford to skip this session?


Networking is an equally important part of the MozCon experience. So, here are a few people I would love to meet at MozCon 2016.

  • Roger

Don’t be dumb enough to go to MozCon and not take a picture with Roger. He is so adorable!

Other people I would love to meet in person and hangout with are:

  1. Rand Fishkin
  2. Cyrus Shepard
  3. Christy Correll
  4. Bill Sebald
  5. Purna Virji
  6. Gianluca Fiorelli
  7. Pete Meyers
  8. Alan Bleiweiss
  9. Paul Shapiro
  10. Nate Planut
  11. Jason Dodge
  12. Kane Jamison
  13. Damon Gochneaur
  14. Rhea Drysdale
  15. Greg Gifford
  16. Nadya Khoja
  17. Woj Kwasi
  18. Ronell Smith
  19. Dev Basu
  20. Paul May

I am also looking forward to meet new people and make new friends within the industry!


I live on the other part of the world and I don’t really get an opportunity to visit the US often so this is a great opportunity for me to travel and visit new places in Seattle. Places I listed for myself are:

  • Space Needle
  • Seattle Underground Tour
  • Pike Place Market
  • Gum Wall
  • Music Project Museum
  • Alki Beach
  • Woodland Park Zoo
  • Pacific Science Center
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • Seattle Great Wheel

I am sure that MozCon 2016 is going to be an amazing ride and I will share a daily summary of the 3-day conference with all of you peeps by the end of each day so that those who could not attend MozCon for any reason can get a glimpse of it.

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