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Is Podcast Marketing a Great Way To Grow Your Business?

As an Entrepreneur, it’s impossible to survive without evolving every day. With a neck-to-neck competition, the only way to grow is to find new ways to increase your market share. One such method is podcast marketing.


One of the reasons podcast marketing is not taken seriously is because it requires small funds, which is why business owners feel that it’s not worth a try. But the reality is a complete opposite to that.

With experience, it’s easy to make the necessary changes little by little and build a podcasting channel that can drive millions of potential customers and help you build stable subscribers.

Unveiling the benefits of Podcast Marketing

Realizing its importance, let’s look at some fantastic ways in which podcast marketing can help your business and unease your competition with each passing day.

Expand your audience reach

As a marketer, a dream marketing channel can help a business reach millions of people. And with over 900,000 active podcasts, podcasting can help in reaching more people than any other channel.

According to the Podcast consumer study, around 90 million Americans listen to podcasts at least monthly. This is a huge percentage, depicting a greater range to cater to.

podcast consumer

The fascinating thing about a podcast is that a marketer cannot claim how much reach a podcast will get until it goes live.

For some, it is about random people, but if a company invests some time in creating a podcast that people want, traffic will come automatically. Even if you don’t have raving success at the start, it will be challenging to grow in current day competition. Just after months of podcasting, you will be able to get enormous traffic on your website.

However, it is not just about podcasting. When you deliver a great podcast, people will be tempted to visit your website. And if the design of the website is not good, it will drive people away instead of sticking them to the site.

This is why it’s necessary to create a user-friendly web design that will engage the audience and keep them on your website until they plan to buy your product/service.

Bond with your customers

With podcast marketing, you’ll be able to build a rapport with your potential audience. Once customers start trusting you, they will give business to you. The loyalty of customers will determine the amount of success that you get.

Podcasting may be a single medium at the beginning, but when the listener starts creating an image of your brand, people will take your brand to the next level. This might sound like an image from the listener, but this is the way to develop a bond with the customer. 

As you create more episodes of the podcast, you’ll be able to get close to customers. Ultimately you’ll be able to build an understanding of your customers and build products accordingly.

You can analyze how GE has succeeded through “LifeAfter” which is a science fiction radio drama. It follows through a low-level FBI employee who uses real-world technologies made by GE to decode cryptic messages. This is an ingenious way to create memorable dramatic moments using your own products in the present day.

customer bonding

Trust is everything in business

Everything starts with the perception of your brand in the eyes of customers. With every podcast, you’ll be able to create a connection with the customer. This is because the more conversations you have with the customer, the higher is a chance that they’ll start trusting your brand.

Once the trust is developed, it will be easy for you to ask them for a subscription to a newsletter or try out a new product that you’ve launched. In short, you will have to work less hard in persuading the customers to convert them into loyal ones.

However, since visuals affect more, you need to create a logo that displays your core values. Ask your designer to invest time and come up with a podcast logo that will make the customer feel integrated with the brand.

If your business is low in finances at the moment, you can use free tools like Canva or others that can help you design a free logo.

customer trust

Get influencers on board

Podcast marketing is the most genuine way to attract potential customers to your brand. Inevitably, when you put great content, it will attract people to your brand. But to move things fast, you need to take help from some influencers. And the best way to do it is to take interviews with influencers that are related to your industry.

When industry experts feature in your podcast, their fans will become your fans. These influencers are opinion builders; if they refer your podcast to their fans, it will create more followers for your brand. And when you interview great people, there is a grand opportunity that you’ll learn some things about business too.

A kind word from influencers can help you to gain faith in your business. So, with podcasting, you’ll be able to build a network of influencers that can drive business to you.

Podcast marketing is a way to build authority

For startups, audience must see the brand as an authority over their subject. For instance, if you are selling services on content writing, it will be wise to make podcasts or take interviews of famous content writers for your podcast. Doing this will help your audience develop an authentic image of your brand.

As a brand, you’ll be able to build an audience that will look up for your brand for guidance. Invest some time in hiring people who have an authoritative voice. This will help your brand in building authenticity.

build authority

The podcast is easy to do

Even if you don’t have experience in creating a podcast, you can spend some time and create podcasts from scratch. As time will pass, you will be able to make the necessary changes while you note down the response from the audience.

For a podcast, you need a computer with an internet connection and a person with a good voice. There are online tools that can help you to record your podcast, which you can later post on all your social media channels. This will help your audience catch up with the vital podcast which they’ve missed.

A simple way to create brand awareness

Mostly, website owners feel overwhelmed when it comes to creating brand awareness. There are so many things to do in a short time. But what they don’t realize is the power of the internet and how a simple podcast can make them accessible across the globe.

brand awareness

You can start with simple things, and as you grow, you can add technical stuff in your podcast. You can make it niche-based, which will make it easy for your potential audience to relate to your podcast.

If you have various products/services, you can create a podcast for separate categories. This will again enable your audience to relate to your podcast. According to a recent survey of 300,000 podcast listeners, 63% of them had considered buying things advertised by a podcast host.

It’s more than just a video

There was a time when people were addicted and attracted to videos from bands. But things never stay the same. A podcast now replaces the video. People can be related to exciting subjects.

podcast vs video

With podcasting, you won’t need a lot of finance to make it a reality. Podcasting is cheap as compared to creating a video, and the results are instant.

Beat the competition

As mentioned earlier, it is not easy to beat the competition when there is so much traffic. As a brand, you need to take new marketing approaches to stand out from the crowd.

With podcasting, you’ll be able to create a name for your brand. You’ll be able to highlight the right parts of your business in your podcast. And you’ll be able to connect with the audience directly, understanding their concerns and coming up with solutions then and there.

All and all, it will be easy for you to beat your competition or at least get a good market share once you’ve developed authority with your podcast.

The bottom line

In the end, it is all about creating something different than your competition. If you can invest some time and energy in creating a podcast channel that will help the audience resolve their issues or connect with them on a deeper level, this is a sure-shot win for your brand.

Even if you don’t have a podcast channel yet, now is a great time to start one right away. Start by describing your brand values and why your brand is different than others. The initial phase might not get you customers, but once you start creating topics that people love, it will be easy for the audience to engage with you.

You will be treated as an authority in that category, and people will start looking up to you for new and fantastic content. Once that’s the case, your website traffic will improve, people will trust your brand, and they will even refer your brand to their friends and family.

And lastly, podcasting will not cost much in terms of finances. Still, if you compare it with other marketing platforms, it will generate equally important trust and authority or even better than other marketing channels.

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