Quick things you can do with Bit.ly Stats data

2013 was a tough year for SEO, Google continued to change its algorithm and update things from time to time, which included several panda and penguin updates, Hummingbird, graph search and more. With such drastic changes in the SEO World, what remained intact was the importance of Link Building.

Throughout 2013 and even in 2014, it seems like that the importance of link building will remain unchanged. Link building in its core is an interesting job in which one has to come up with such an idea that grab audience attention and encourage them to link back to the desired website naturally.

There are tons of creative ideas people have tried in the past, this post by Venchito Tampon cover some of the most creative content ever! Today I will discuss one relatively new idea that my friend Umar Khan discovered while he was working on a project.

This simple idea will help you get access to the wider audience plus some quality links that points back to your content piece.

Here I go!

These days, a blog is incomplete without the social sharing buttons; and so there are very few blogs that are not shared on twitter.

Today twitter shortens the URLs itself but there was once a time when people shortened the URLs for twitter using some third part services like .

3rd party URLs shortners are still very powerful as they tell you how many clicks you got on your tweet, how many re shares, favorite and more. Bit.ly is one of these powerful tools that allow you to shorten the URL to use it in your tweets.

Bit.ly not only gives you information about how many clicks a post got but it also tells you about who else shared this post using bit.ly.

This data excites me mainly because I can clearly see the opportunity to capture wider audience and links using this data!

Here is how exactly you can use the bit.ly data to get wider audience attention and links.

Get a Chance to attract Wider Audience:

Bit.ly data allows you to be connected with the people who hold interest similar to your topic. For instance, you are writing or promoting a post on link building, you ideally need people who are also talking about the same subject.

Bit.ly does that! All you have to do is to pick the most sharable post that have a topic similar to yours and then share the link on bit.ly. The stats data will tell you how many other people shared the same URL.

I pulled the stats of SEO Book’s post “When will SEO Die”

Stats shows 947 total clicks and this link has been shared on social networking websites by 75+ other people. Just get the list of people who shared the post and you will have the right kind of people to share your content with.

Build Quality Links

Quality Links have a lot to do with real people, so where there are people, there is an opportunity of link.

So, bit.ly shares the data of who else other then you shared your content or a content which is very much similar to yours.

  1. If they shared your content, the only thing you should be doing is to reach out to them and request a link through a nice email!
  2. If they have shared content similar to yours then they might be interested in your content too! Just reach out to them, convince them and convert the communication in to a link!

Twitter or any other social media site is a great way to start your communication but I would advise you to take your communication to email as it’s easy, comfortable and better at convincing you prospect.  You can use Gmail plugins like Rapportive.com to guess almost anyone’s email.

  • If they shared your content

If you are reaching out to the people who have shared your content, asking them for a link is quite easier! All you need to do is to write an email that is convincing enough.

Hello Jack,

I was looking in my twitter profile and saw you have shared/retweeted one of my posts that I updated recently. Thank you so much for that 🙂

While checking your website, I figured out that you have similar interest as mine. I really like your post that talks about “SEO is dead”. I recently updated my blog that covers the same topic. I would love if you can check and share it with your audience on blog.

Please take a look: URL

Looking forward for your response!

Moosa Hemani.

Few things you should consider while reaching out to the recipients are:

  • Don’t try the email to be too long or too short, Try to complete your message within 100 to 150 words.
  • Do not drag! Come to the point directly.
  • When asking for a link, try use the language that talks about their benefit, more than yours.
  • Try to make the email as personalized as possible.
  • Getting a link should not be your only purpose of communication and interaction. Reach out to people to build relationships with them.
  • Don’t bore people with your emails.

If the content piece is powerful and your email is engaging then there is a strong chance for people to say yes to it!

  • If they shared similar content

If they shared a piece of content that is similar to your discussed topic then the people are still relevant for you.

If I would reach out to a person that has shared content similar to mine, my email would look something like this.

Hello Jack,

I was looking in to some public data and found out that you shared one of the posts by SEO Book, that talks about when SEO will die.

It’s indeed an important topic and I am glad that people like you are interested in it. Actually I recently did a post on my blog about the similar topic and I would love if you can take a look at that post here.

It would be great if you can share your views on it or even better share it with your audience via your blog.

Please let me know if you need any help regarding this!

Moosa Hemani.

Again, you need to have a powerful and engaging content to make your recipient do what you have asked in the email. If the content is great and powerful then the one he shared earlier, there is a strong chance for him to share and link back to your profile.

Ever tried using the stats provided by bit.ly?

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