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6 Of The Most Effective And Nitty Gritty Tips for Quora Marketing

When you think about marketing your product online, Quora marketing might not be the first thing to pop into your mind. Trust me, I was in the same boat once! But, after realizing the various benefits of marketing on this platform, my opinions have changed drastically.


Firstly, as per Quora, ads on the platform tend to have four times more conversion rate than ads on other platforms. Many various countries have backed this claim after beta testing. Not to mention that the number of people visiting the platform has been steadily increasing in the past few years.

quora growth

Are you yet to step into the world of quora? If so, I have compiled a guide to help you out.

Quora Marketing Explained

For those still unaware of the platform (though I am sure there will be only a few of you), let’s first explain what quora is.

You might have come across quora questions as results for search queries on Google. That is the entire idea of the website. It is a question-and-answer website that also works as a social network. It allows you to create profiles to be the expert to answer the question posed by users.

To conduct quora marketing, you need to look beyond creating an anonymous account via which you post about your company. In fact, a hard sell on quora might get you banned!

Instead, understand the vision of quora. The site has been built to expand and share knowledge online. Leverage this vision to become a thought leader in your niche. This helps you to make a good reputation and authenticity on Quora, and users will trust your opinions.

Occasionally, you can add the link to your website or blog only if it makes sense to answer the user’s question.

Six tips to abide by

When using quora for business, here are six effective tips that will come in handy.

Create a solid profile

The first step of how to use quora effectively is creating a good profile. Just like branding your website is integral to the success of your website, the quality of your profile will determine whether your brand is perceived positively by quora users.

Remember, when you answer a question, your entire bio is not reflected. Instead, only the first fifty characters along with your profile picture will be seen. Therefore, try to make an impact from the get-go.

Avoid creating a profile using your business’s name. Instead, mention your brand at the beginning of your bio.

quora profile

Also, include any links that you feel are relevant. But, do so in your detailed bio. If you operate within a niche, I would suggest you create a topic-specific bio. For instance, a digital marketer like me would focus on SEO, PPC, and content marketing expertise.

Make sure that your display picture is professional and that your bio is as informative as possible. Details about your education, previous experience, and areas of expertise will make you seem more credible.

This credibility will come in handy when you answer questions on Quora. After all, for every question asked on the platform, various people are willing to answer. It would be best if you made yourself heard.

Engage your audience through other platforms

If you play your cards well, you might not be the only one conducting quora marketing for your brand! Instead, other users will do it for you, for free. How so? By posing questions about your brand, thereby increasing brand awareness.

To do this, you must try to develop a campaign that gets people talking (positively) about you. Here is an interesting case study for you from the vault of Burger King.

Engage your audience

The question mentioned above was asked by a user, causing various people to get interested in the campaign. And it didn’t cost Burger King any additional money either! All they did was answer old questions and random tweets of people while aligning it with a new product announcement.

By simply engaging with the community, Burger King could market its brand on quora without doing active advertising. All you have to do is capture users’ attention across different platforms and watch its trickle-down effect on quora.

Picks questions wisely

Not all questions on the platform are worth answering. After all, according to Forbes, every month, the platform gets millions of questions. Not each of them will be relevant to your business, nor will they deliver value  to you and vice versa.

Pick questions that help establish your profile as an expert. Hence, you must filter questions accordingly.

The best way you can do so is to conduct keyword research and then search relevant keywords on the query box of the platform. Also, filter the questions based on the date of upload. Only bother answering questions that are at most a month old.  

Here are some strategies to pick right questions:

  • Select a topic that is aligned with your business. Now, within this topic, answer questions to provide relevant case studies or statistics to back up your answer.
  • Identify threads that feature a lot of “upvotes.” This will help you in narrowing down your options to questions with the most views.
  • Mix and match by answering a few new questions too. This will help build your reputation of responding quickly with your sole knowledge.

Answer confidently and with authority

For implicit quora advertising, you need to find ways to plug your website into the answer. But, it must look natural. For that, you must first provide a comprehensive response to the question that is good enough for people to go to your website for further information.

According to Crazy Egg, quality quora answers offer sources, references, and statistics.

Your answer should have the following:

  • Passion and knowledge about the topic
  • A reflection of you and your brand’s personality
  • To the point and specific answers. No one wants vague descriptions that have no relation to the post!
  • Key takeaways and storytelling provide additional benefits.

Here is an example of an answer that ticks all the boxes mentioned above. See how cohesively the person adds her blog as a reference!

Answer confidently

Build a page for your business

If you were disappointed when I asked you not to make a profile using your business’s name, don’t worry, you can still explicitly create a space for your brand. It just shouldn’t be a profile.

Instead, you can create a company page for it! Like you do on LinkedIn. You can use the “create topic” feature of the platform to do so. However, first, run a quick check to see if your business isn’t already listed as a topic.

If it isn’t, go ahead and create a page. When you do so, you will be given the option of adding a name and description. Write an impactful statement that best describes your company and make the topic live.

Then, you can ask the Quora community to review the topic. Just like Yelp, now you can use the platform to increase your social proof and get third-party testimonials.

This, in turn, will come in handy whenever someone searches about your brand. After all, according to Inc, a whopping 91 percent of people check online reviews before transacting from a brand!

Here is an example of how Buffer uses quora similarly.

Answer confidently

Don’t stick to just text when answering questions

Content marketing has evolved tremendously in the past few years. Gone are the days where verbose text was the only form of content you could produce. Now, videos and infographics have proven to be much more effective in engaging the audience.

According to HubSpot, the primary media form used in content marketing today is video. Another independent survey by Venngage revealed that 71 percent of marketers find visual marketing to be important.

You can easily incorporate this when marketing on quora as well. Here too, your objective should be to ensure that your target audience readily consumes your content.

To do so, you can include different content formats in your answers. This can include relevant images, infographics, or videos. In fact, such supporting material will help in adding to the credibility of your answer.

Get answering!

Now that you know the complete ins and outs of quora marketing begin using the platform if you haven’t already jumped onto the bandwagon.

To sum it up, you must:

  • Create an impactful profile
  • Make a page for your business.
  • Conduct your research and find relevant questions to answer.
  • Keep your answers crisp yet informative.
  • Make answers engaging by using a variety of formats.
  • Align your marketing efforts on other online platforms to be worthy of discussion.

With these six simple tips, you will quickly become a thought leader on quora. If you are beginning your journey today, do come back and tell us how it went for you. And for people who are already acing marketing on quora, let us know your secrets too!

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