Tool Review: Rank Watch – A Rank Tracking Tool

It has been a while since Google is offering personalized results in their SERPs, so when a person searches for a keyword he receives tailored results according to his search history. This system as a whole makes rank tracking less important, but still I think it can not be neglected as a whole, and it is still one of the strongest KPIs for any project’s success IMO. As far as the reporting is concerned, ranking is the important part of it.

There are ways you can depersonalize your search results and see where you actually stand for certain quires. Dr. Pete did a great job by writing a comprehensive article on how to de personalize your SERP results against your desired key phrases.

A recurring problem that I have faced personally while tracking rankings for keywords in search engine is the inaccurate results.  Track your keywords in SEOmoz tool and SEO Book’s rank checker simultaneously and you may find different results. Although the ranking difference in not that huge so I can go with that but still it remains as a problem that should be addressed.

Last Sunday morning while I was busy with my routine stuff, I stumbled across Rank Watch through an ad on some SEO blog. It claimed to deliver the most accurate rankings unlike all other Rank Tracking tools.

At first, it sounded bizarre to me as accuracy has been a big problem, which can’t be tackled easily so I thought of giving it a try and see if it is really good or they are just claiming falsely. The results went amazingly awesome and rankings were pretty much accurate. I first checked the rankings from Rank Watch and then to confirm I manually checked by asking different people to help me search different keywords from other locations.

After looking at the accuracy and features that this tool has to offer I thought of no other way but to write a detailed review about the tool as I think it can be helpful for many who are still going through the pain of creating manual ranking reports for clients.

  • Most Accurate:

Rank Watch is a cloud based rank tracking tool, which means that they use the targeted country IP when they search for the location. For instance if you are searching a keyword on Google Australia, this tool will automatically pick IP from the similar location and track rankings for you.

This can indeed prove to be a great help to get the most exact results when compared to other similar tools that work with one or fewer IPs.

Accurate rankings in the report will give you the clear insight of how much more effort is required to accomplish the contracted targets. In addition, accurateness will help your clients to trust you more than usual.

  • Local Rank Tracking

Local SEO is at its height these days and small businesses are looking forward to invest more on local SEO to increase their overall revenue through search engines and local Maps.

Local Maps rank tracking in this case is very important. I have used multiple rank tracking tools in the past but never saw tool with such a feature. Rank watch cannot only help you to find your position in SERPs for your keywords but it also helps you locate your Local rankings.

This tool maintains local rank tracking history over the past days, weeks and even months, which is again downloadable in either PDF or XLS format. This way you can now go ahead, impress your clients with their local listing performance, and convince them to invest more in it by showing scalable results.

  •  Instant Rank Tracking

Although, there are a number of tools with an instant rank tracking service but they do not offer ranking history and unfortunately, the tools with a history option takes at least 24 hours to get the data.

If you really want your results to be fast and manage history at the same time then Rank Watch is just the ideal tool for you.

  • Customized Reporting

Good gets better when you can customize your reports. I mean come on; you surely cannot hate the one who is helping you to save yourself from double-checking the keywords ranking manually and then designing a report which kills a lot of your time.

  • Automatic Email Alerts

Ever wish to have someone who can take care of your stuff while you are busy with daily routine tasks? Consider your wish granted as rank watch features a Google Webmaster style trait. It informs you instantly when anything goes wrong with your results or when it notices a serious jerk in the keyword rankings.

All you have to do is to set up alerts with Automatic Email alert and a message will be dropped in your inbox as soon as it monitor any abnormal activity about rankings so you can initiate the fixes accordingly.

  • Pricing

You see this $10 note above? This is all it takes to start with Rank Watch. Surprised? I was too back then but then good things can come cheap (at times)!

Things that I wish this tool would contain

Here are few of the features that I wish this tool contains but somehow it is missing on these features at the moment.

  • Powerful Knowledge Base

Having a community around you is always interesting and at the same time, it helps to increase your sales. If this tool would have a good knowledge base (tons of great content ad guides around SEO and digital marketing) then this would not only help the tool to grow but would build a fan base around.

  • More Elegant Design

Not that I am unhappy with the current design, however, the design is not very appealing for a first time visitor. My idea is to change the design and make it more decent and elegant so that it can attract the first time user and encourage them to continue its journey on the website.

  • Testimonials

I think the reason I go with the tool is because of the FREE limited edition. Online buyers these days mostly rely on recommendations and word of mouth. They at the moment have no testimonials on the page (may be because they are new) but if they can bring some decent testimonials they can grow tremendously well.

  • .PDF Tool Guide

The tool is just in its infancy so you may encounter a bit of experimentation and A/B testing here and there. However, I would strongly recommend the tool owners to ponder about adding an extensive .pdf downloadable 101 for the tool along with images. This can prove to be a great aid for the users to work with the basic functions as well as discover advanced options in the tool effortlessly.

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