When to send Email to get a better rate of response

SEO is a team game, successful SEO campaign should have a great content player to write creative content, an outstanding killer outreach person to build relationship with the targeted audience and perfect social media strategist to deal with the social challenges.

The job of an outreach person is very important because if he is a lose end in the team, all the efforts of the team can go waste. An ideal outreach person should know how to craft an email to get a better rate of response.

I have been a consultant for multiple teams in the past two years and worked with different people. As far as outreaching is concerned, there was a very unique problem I witnessed and that was low response rate of some campaigns even after the email was perfectly written.

I believe how to write an email is very important but if your timing to send an email is wrong you probably will face the same problem all the time.

Best days to send an email

Even if you have a perfect email written but if you are, sending this email on the wrong day probably the response rate will be lower than your expectations. When choosing a day to send an email, the best idea is to get in to the people’s mind and think if you will be at the place of the recipient, would you open the email?

If you are planning to send your email on weekends, you should expect a very low opening rate as compared to any weekdays. Mail Chimp back in April 2013 did a detailed survey and figured out that what is the best day for sending out emails, based on the opening rate.

If you look closely, weekends have the lowest opening rate, which is around 5 to 6% where as on the weekdays opening rate is around 17 to 18%.

When choosing the day to send your email here are the following things you should keep in mind.

  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays have the high open rate so this should be your targeted days to send an email.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are busy in terms of email volume, so if you have a catchy email with something different, it is worth trying Monday or Friday!
  • Saturdays and Sundays have the lowest open rate so you probably should avoid sending email these days.

Send emails on days when opening rate is high and notice which day you get the best response rate (keeping the quality of email as consistent).

Best hour to send an email

Choosing and finding out the best days for sending emails is not enough, one have to figure out what hour of the day they should send email to their recipients.

If you are going to email me right an hour before the office clock hit the 6 mark, then the response rate will be low and this is because you choose the wrong hour of the day and till the next morning there will be many other emails that are above yours!

Below many other emails, there is a rear chance that recipient will open and respond to your email, which was possible if your email was in the top 3. In order to be in the top 3, one should know which hour of the day is ideal to send an email to the recipients.

Get Response suited and analyzed 21 million messages and figure out that email opening rate is best within the first hour of delivery and in the next hour the opening rate dropped by half.

The email we are talking about here is for communication and work related purposes and not for any promotion so I think the best time would be the office hours. When sending an email, here are the things to consider!

  • Try to choose the hours that are easy for the recipient to respond. If your email is work related then office hours are usually best to send an email.
  • If you are sending email to bloggers who do blogger as their part time hobby then sending email after the office time is a better option.
  • Keep the Time Zone in mind when sending emails to your recipients.

If your email contains a killer subject line and your time and day of sending an email is right, then in most cases you surely will get a response back.

Consider Geographic Location as Important

There are times when you choose the right day and right time to send email and even then surprisingly the rate of response is dramatically low. This usually happens when you do not consider geographical locations as important.

Every country is different and so is their events and holidays. For instance if you talk about Pakistan, the worst time to send any email is during the EID days as all are busy with their holidays and family time. With United States, the similar kind of time is during Christmas and New Year as this is the time when people in US take a break from their work and prefer to spent time with their families.

(United States Holiday Calendar 2014)

When sending emails, try to consider the holidays of that reign as important and avoid sending emails on those days. If you are reaching out to discuss any occasion related content, try to send an email couple of days before the actual event date.

No matter if it is a perfect day but if there is any event, chances are your email might get low (in cases like Christmas or no) response rate.

Consider Religion as Important

In continuity with the previous points, with country holidays, religious events should also be considered as important when sending an email to your recipient. If your targeted audience is based in India or your targeted recipient is from the Hindu religion, in that case it is best to avoid sending emails on events like Navratri and Diwali, for Muslims it’s EID and for Christians, it’s Christmas.

(Religious Holiday calendar for Christians)

You can easily find similar kind of religious holiday calendar for different religions. When planning to email, try to give a quick look in to this calendar and see if it is appropriate to send an email because any clash in date can kill the response rate of your email campaign.

Bounce Tips!

This does not have anything directly to do with the topic but this tip actually helped me over the period of time.

If you are looking for a better response rate, it is important to get connected with your recipient on social media platforms. Send an email and then confirm them via social media accounts (twitter is best in that case.)

This works better then the follow-up email but try to be nice in your tweets or else you might never get a reply!

Create kick ass emails and try to keep the above points in mind in order to increase your opening and response rate of your outreaching emails.

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