Why SEO is important for business

Why SEO is important for business during the COVID-19

The global economy is going downhill. Where once businesses were talking about advancing their digital resources, the only concern these days is to retain their finances. Most corporate entities are hoarding cash, shifting strategies, and prepping up for the worst. Amidst this chaos, organizations need to rethink why SEO is important for business and how this route can be their savior in the long run.

The novel virus, COVID-19, is helping us learn some harsh lessons. For one, every business must be capable enough to pull through the hot waters.

Once this pandemic ends, there will be incredible changes in the corporate sector. Some will stand out as winners, while others will face significant blows.

Savvy marketers know how to fall under the former category. They are shifting their strategies and investing more in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Developing new content, conducting keyword research, upgrading website, and outreach strategies are some measures they are working on.

SEO in COVID-19 – Statistical Evaluation

According to Google Trends, the search term “SEO” and related jargon has seen a spike in interest in the United States since February 2020. At the same time, global internet usage is also increasing. Forbes reported at the end of March that internet usage had jumped 50-70 percent.

Despite the public assumption that the marketing sector will face a massive setback due to coronavirus, expert marketers have varying opinions. The Conductor study stats (below) show a substantial number of individuals are quite optimistic. Only 20 percent see their budget decreasing significantly.

impact of COVID-19 on marketing

SourceThe Impact of COVID-19 on Marketing

Amid this global recession, the marketers interviewed in this study stated they would invest more in SEO and try to improve their R.O.I. threshold.

COVID-19 marketing strategy

Endorsing the SEO strategies adopted by marketers, the Conductor V.P. of Digital Strategies Patrick Reinhart said it would pay hefty dividends once the crisis is over. 

Why you need SEO for your business?

Generally, the chances of survival for a business with limited digital presence are minimal. Lyfe Marketing research shows that there are 2 billion people online and 3.5 billion searches per day (and even higher in this period of COVID-19).

Are you still in doubt of how SEO can help you in this dramatic business period? Below, we have listed four reasons to convince you of its importance.

Let’s take a look:

1.Increased Internet Usage

As pointed out earlier, the use of the internet across the world has nearly doubled. A survey by Numerator shows about 1 in 3 consumers modified their shopping behavior after hearing the news about the virus.

Increased Internet Usage


When people stay at home, they use more internet. The fear of being stuck at home and not having the essentials has led people towards panic-buying. The goods scarce in supermarkets are being searched online. If they don’t find the desired outcomes, they look for alternatives.

That’s the reason why forward-thinking digital marketers are looking to:

  • Capitalize on in-demand products
  • Improve their ranking for those items and topics circulating them

Even if you are not an essential goods supplier, the general online shopping trends are also on fire. Those who were always caught up by work have all the time at hand these days. They look up online and compile their wishlist for the post-pandemic seasons.


Working to optimize your search results through SEO is quite cost-effective. Unless you buy a software tool to serve as a guide, there are no costs required. All you need is the capability to craft excellent content and customize some specific items people might look for.

The key is to target consumer sentiment during the harsh times. The Forrester Report intensely studied how consumer emotions have been influenced in the past couple of months. It stated that “Consumers are less optimistic that people and companies will follow through on the promises they make.”

In light of this discovery, your SEO content should focus on proving this assumption wrong. One way of doing this is to produce educational content. A study by Conductor shows that brands who deliver informative content are 48 percent more likely to gain prospects’ trust.

Some examples of brands building trust during COVID-19 are:

  • Time Out London released a free copy of its magazine
  • Mail Chimp is offering free discounts for agencies involved in public health awareness
  • The Conductor has started a daily web series to connect marketers and industry experts

With that said, we will move to the original message – SEO is cost-effective.

You don’t need an army of experts to guide you. All you need is a handful of creative genies or get your creative juices flowing. The more apt your content is, the more likely is it for people to rely on your word.

3.Offers long-term gains

Are you wondering why SEO is important for your business, especially during this uncertain period?

Well, one reason is that it ensures long-term growth. Leaving your SEO strategy hanging in the air may not be a good idea at this crucial time. If you have finally acquired a rank on the first page, it is not a good idea to pull out your investment from SEO. This pandemic has forced a lot of people to be present on the web. You have a high chance of being noticed.

Experts state SEO to be an asset during COVID-19. Brands who managed to achieve the top position are witnessing a spike in their revenue. They are investing little and gaining multifold returns.

Whether you are someone who has already secured a position atop the grid or yearning for it, SEO is your ultimate best friend. Once the crisis is over, you will find yourself in a better place on the search engines. Thereupon, all businesses should continue or start aggressive search engine marketing efforts.

Remember, the overall effectiveness of SEO doesn’t happen overnight. Just consider this period as the design and implementation phase. You may not see the rewards right now. However, you will watch your venture growing at a surprising rate as soon as we get out of it.

4.Provides Useful Audience Metrics

audience metrics


The growing concern of coronavirus has disrupted users’ typical search patterns. It has redirected their attention away from usual search methods to timely searches. We were able to gather this fact by studying the audience metrics on Google.

Focusing on SEO right now will help you realize the public concerns. You can examine the trending keywords and analyze which of your site pages is using those. You can focus more on the trending topics after learning what the audience is looking for. It also helps you to determine the demand curve for the goods or services.

SEO Analytic Tools will allow you to determine the level of interest shown by the public. Consequently, you can tweak up your next strategy to befit their needs.

Besides this, it also helps you with generic business momentum. The COVID period is allowing you the time to figure out metrics of your SEO. You get to understand which keywords produce higher leads. Eventually, you can divert more attention to the development of that segment.

5. Manages your Web Presence

Since July 2018, Google has updated its algorithm to Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E.A.T). The focal point here is trustworthiness. You cannot skip your SEO endeavor during this period. Instead, learn how to manage your online presence. It helps to build a good word for you in the market.

Some tips for managing your online presence during COVID-19 are:

  • Update your schema – This ensures users see the latest info about your company
  • Update your Google My Business Page – Let people know about modifications you have made due to prevalent conditions
  • Keep watch on Google Search Console – Tracking web traffic lets you know the shift of customer demands in these conditions
  • Monitor Social Media Mentions – Scrutinize the audience demographics, content tone, and user sentiments

SEO allows you to curate content regarding each of these points. SEO, in this phase, is about being the voice of customers throughout the company. It must adapt accordingly. Eventually, you will get a chance to build long-term brand equity.

Parting Thoughts – no goodbyes yet!

In the wake of COVID-19, getting your portal on the top of Google SERP is more critical than ever. Your valuable customers are looking for answers. You have to show your customers you genuinely care. It will involve showing more interest in addressing their concerns rather than looking for ways to increase your profitability. 

Search Engine Marketing is a proven way to promote your business in the downtimes. It can mitigate the marketing challenges standing ahead. Now that you are practicing social distancing, you have all the time at your hands to design a comprehensive SEO strategy. This is your chance to put a distance between you and the competition.

So, don’t mope around thinking of how your business will suffer. Instead, brainstorm ways to elevate your SEO strategy. In case you need assistance, feel free to contact our SEO professionals.

Stay Safe and Stay Productive!

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