SEO Workshop in Karachi – #KHISEO2013

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We had our first SEO session back in 2011 which brought overwhelming success when numerous successful SEO brains joined us and had an exchange of opinions and knowledge about SEO and social media. SEO or commonly known as Search Engine Optimization has grown dramatically over the years and so have our roles as professionals, it has become vital for us to stay well informed about the rapidly growing SEO related researches, tactics and techniques in order to provide quality services to our clients.

In the past few months Google has almost changed the basic grounds for SEOs in other words, the strategies that worked earlier are simply out of fashion now.

In that case, I feel an utter need of a workshop/gathering through which we can put some light over these new strategies facilitating ourselves with each other’s knowledge.

What’s the Plan!

The workshop would be a platform for all the SEO professionals and Digital marketing Agency owners to gather under one roof and converse the current trends of the industry, discussing the hot happenings surrounding our field followed by a question answer session for everyone to get their queries resolved.

Let me share a little about what’s on my mind, I plan a one day workshop where professionals get a chance to update themselves about the latest techniques and get a fair idea regarding what should be their new line of practice plus the old strategies they should discard.

The complete plan is as follows!

  • Introduction to Modern SEO
  • Local Industry related problems and Possible solutions
  • Presentation – How I find and build links!
  • Q and A session

Refreshment Break!

  • AMA (Ask Me Anything) session
  • Actionable Tips for SEOs and Bloggers

Who should join?

This workshop is an ideal opportunity for anyone associated with digital marketing either directly or indirectly and wants to modernize himself on the subject of the latest tactics in order to grow his business online.

SEO professionals:

If you are a SEO professional then this workshop should be on your must attend list mainly because a one day workshop can entirely change your way of working and drive your motivation to new heights, enabling you to learn entirely different and better link building tactics as well as their execution to achieve excellence.


This workshop promises good amount of information for bloggers under any niche. It will help them to get a fair idea on how to drive a handsome amount of traffic to their blogs, what plug-ins they should use for best SEO practices and much more.

The question answer and ask me anything sessions would be best for them as they can get their queries solved by high ranked professionals and consult me further in case of any trouble.

Content Producers:

Content producers or content writers also make up a valuable part of this audience as they can learn a lot from this workshop. Content writers are not only those people who write a few words each day but they are the back bone of any inbound marketing team and this workshop gives them an opportunity to learn method to earn success for them and their team.

Agency Owners:

Although the workshop holds a technical nature but still it holds loads for agency owners and here are a few reasons for them to join us in this event.

  • Discussions on Industry Related problems
  • Chance to meet with other digital marketing brains
  • Understand SEOs perspective about results, reporting and more…
  • Get an idea of how to check performance of each individual SEO in your company.


Students who desire to pursue their career as inbound marketing consultants should also join this workshop. You can meet professionals and can learn a lot about what your career choice holds for you plus you can get your expectation settings done and who knows someone might hire you as well.


One day SEO Workshop is on Saturday, 29th June 2013.

Location, Contact details, Event Fee and more details can be found on this Facebook Note!

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