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How Can E-Commerce Players Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Imagine this. You are shopping online, monthly grocery, for instance. You are nearly done when you see a pop-up of an ad from a YouTube video, and you start watching it.

When you are done with the video, you forget about the shopping cart and shut down your laptop. Has this ever happened to you?

If you own an eCommerce store to reduce shopping cart abandonment must be one of your core goals.

A study suggests that out of 10 shopping carts, approximately seven are abandoned. If the average cart value of your store is around $100, this means that you are losing $700 every day. Don’t you want to get back in the game and grab those missed orders or reduce shopping cart abandonment that is causing pain to your business?

In this blog, you’ll learn some high-value shopping cart tips to help you reduce the potential orders that you could’ve gained.

For an eCommerce store owner reducing shopping, cart abandonment is something that needs serious attention. These tips will help in eliminating the causes that force the customer to leave without buying anything.

Offer free shipping

I know, I know, this sounds too simple. Yet, 44% of the shoppers abandon shopping carts due to extra shipping costs that eCommerce store adds in the end. Mostly, when customers shop online, they are willing to save dollars.

When you offer free shipping, it acts as an incentive for those who worry about paying extra for the shipping. It’s one of the major selling point that renowned brands like Amazon, BestBuy or even Walmart offers to its customers.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Allow Guest Check out

Today’s customer is in a hurry. They want quick tips on how to make money fast, how to grow business quickly, and how to buy things online without getting in too much detail.

Will you ever purchase online from a store if it makes it necessary to sign-up every time a customer needs to buy something. That’s why it is essential to think before you ask a customer to fill a long-form and register on your website.

For a first-time customer, it is asking too much to give away their email address, confirm it, and fill out other necessary information before they can switch to doing something else. Instead, give your customers a guest checkout option to make the purchase easy for them. If you deliver a successful order, you can ask them to create an account afterward, and they won’t even mind at all.

Use discounts strategically

Do you feel that customers are abandoning your cart more often? One of the reasons might be that you are not giving them enough incentive to complete the order.

An effective strategy is to offer a discount so that a customer completes the order. And in cases where a customer doesn’t complete the order, it is wise to offer discounts via email and offer them a discount to finish the order.  

The first email must be a friendly reminder. After one day, send a second reminder and offer them more discount for finishing the order. Don’t just give away a discount just like that. Explain you are offering a discount because they are first-time customers and you want to keep them, or it will be an honor to serve them again.

In an eCommerce, customers want respect, love, and something to look forward to. When you offer a discount for completing the order, this indicates that you are trying hard to keep the customer. And upon realizing it, customers will be happy to receive the offer and move forward with the order.

Use discounts

Show the cart upfront

At times customers place products in the cart for future consideration but forget about it. Make sure that the shopping cart stays in front at all times. A clear view will help the customer decide better or, in some cases, add more products without giving a second thought to it. There is no need to add something fancy – a simple cart button at the top of the screen is enough to make the customer realize what they are shopping for.

While shopping from mobile, hiding the shopping cart can upset customers, and instead of completing the order, they choose to leave the order and forget about it. Ensure that you consider displaying the cart button somewhere on the screen where it is visible all the time.

Make Easy Returns

In a study done by a Japanese retailer, where two emails were sent to customers. The first email with information about “easy returns” got 50% more conversion than the one without it.

If your store offers an easy return policy, customers will feel comfortable doing business with you. When the customers know that they are buying from a brand that has a clear return policy, it will build confidence towards the brand.

Your store has an easy return policy? The best way is to make a return policy page and make it easy for customers to understand the terms with natural language.

Easy Returns

Encourage more shopping

When customers land on your website, they are usually interested in buying one or two products. But when they check out at the shopping cart page, you can help them with add-ons so that customers can shop more.

For instance, if you buy anything from Amazon, you see ‘people who bought this product also brought this.’ Along with the shopping cart page. This indicates that the user might be interested in a similar product.

Mostly, eCommerce stores offer bundled products in reduced pricing, which is a smart strategy to entice users to shop more.


Maximize your Payment Options

Have you ever abandoned a website merely for the reasons that they didn’t have a payment option for your country? I’ve abandoned thousands of products just because the eCommerce store was not thoughtful enough.

But it is an age where some unlimited payment gateways are recognized globally. For customers in the western and eastern side of the world, PayPal or credit cards can be a good option. But for people living in the Middle Eastern side, a good option can be Western Union or 1Checkout.

It would help if you did some research for the countries that you want to target and see which payment methods are being used in their local eCommerce stores.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment with One-Step Checkout

When Amazon started using One-Click checkout for its eCommerce store, the sales went up the roof. Customers were glad that they could quickly checkout just by filling information on a single page.

Amazon making a one-step checkout patent for $2.4 billion, gives us the importance of secure checkout in eCommerce.

When customers plan to order from a website, they expect a smooth checkout page. Anything complex can drive customers away. As mentioned earlier, along with guest checkout, one-page checkout can be combined to make things easy for the customer.

Make it easy for customers to ask questions

If you want to stop customers from leaving your eCommerce store without buying anything, ensure that customers don’t get stuck anywhere, and even if they do, you must train your customer service representatives to serve them in a manner that the customers don’t feel stuck in the buying process.

Creating a website for offering online services is getting popular thanks to WordPress CMS. Selling services with WooCommerce along with various promotional offers, discounts, email marketing integration is a lot easier.

Every step of the checkout process must be laid out clearly by the customer service representative. And if the customer service representative doesn’t have a quick solution, they should excuse the customer and revert with a proper solution within minutes. This will build a stable repo with the customer, and they will be able to trust the person they are talking to.

There is a lot of buzz about AI-chat bots that understand the problem of the customer and make the right choice by giving out the proper solution.

But these AI-bots must only be used in the initial phase to engage the customers. Once the customer gets engaged, a human must take over and guide the customer regarding the problem which they are facing.

In the end

For eCommerce website owners, shopping cart abandonment is a serious problem that needs to be resolved as soon as the company realizes it. Some tools can help a brand analyze the movement of customers. These tools can assist in figuring out what is creating a problem for the customer.

If the problem is in the shopping cart, it needs to be resolved fast. Because the competition is furious and they’ll grab your customers if you make even one mistake.

The wise thing to do is to don’t leave any opportunity for your competition. The methods discussed here can be applied to any eCommerce store, and the customer buying process can be made accessible.

Moreover, the best method is to send emails and reminders to customers about what makes your eStore unique and what are you doing to make it easy for customers to buy. Make videos, send testimonials from other customers, and ease them so that they can easily buy from you.

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