5 Steps To A Winning Small Business Content Marketing Strategy

Think about the last thing that you Googled. Did you get your answer?

Was the content engaging? Well, a smart content marketing strategy for small business ensures that the user gets everything that they search online.

A successful person follows a specific pattern. Similarly, an effective content marketing strategy follows a blueprint. You may not notice it, but it’s intended to help readers make well-informed decisions.

If you plan to improve your content marketing strategy, you need to understand that creating content is about crafting something that is loved by both the search engine and humans. Logic will lead to a conclusion, while love will lead to action.

You need to create content that will evoke some emotion. It is an emotion that will entice the user to make an impulsive buying decision.

And to do that, you need to understand the content marketing strategy.

Before we dive into steps of creating a winning content marketing strategy, let’s consider the importance of content marketing strategy first.

Why is content marketing strategy important?

It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight, build a castle, or become a leader in your industry, without a plan you’ll be lost.

What content marketing does is educates the customer on why your product can solve their problem. Before they make the final choice, they must understand your product, and this is what content will do for your brand.

A strategy will help you to organize things and understand the trend and make the necessary choices required to scale your brand up.

Creating a content strategy is not a choice anymore; it is a necessity that will either break or create success for your brand.


With a content marketing strategy, it will be easy for you to showcase the bright side of your product to the end-user.

Moreover, good content will fuel your SEO by creating relevance between your brand and the target audience.

How to develop a content marketing strategy?

Creating a content strategy will be different for everyone. There is no grand one-fit-solution for creating a successful content marketing strategy. But if you work smartly, follow the steps mentioned below, the process will become easy.

Maybe you’re already following some of these steps. But if you don’t follow all the steps in the right order, you won’t get the desired result. So, you must go over each step carefully and figure out how you’ll apply that step in your business.

Set Your Goal(s)

Beginning with the end-goal in mind is the gateway to business success. When there is no goal in mind, often, it’s easy to get distracted.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to focus on business objectives. If you don’t have a clear goal, you’ll be posting content just for the sake of posting it without really knowing what will happen.

With every piece that you post online, you need to understand what with that content customer will judge you and create a perception of your brand in their heart and mind.

Your end-goal should be to grab the attention of the user and make them feel that you have the solution to their problems. When this happens, it will be easy for you to sell them anything.


Find your target audience

Your audience is the reason you’ll get bread on your table, so isn’t it essential that you know your audience before you post content for them.

You need to understand the buying pattern of your audience. Where they spend their money and how your product can solve their problem. When you know the core of the problem, it will be easy to create content around that problem.

Map out your content for each sales funnel phase. In this way, whenever a visitor lands on your page, it’ll attract them and entice them to purchase your product/service.


Do Keyword Research

When you know your target audience, it will be easy to do the keyword research and pick relevant keywords that will grab the attention of your audience.

These keywords will be the backbone of your content marketing strategy. Because the audience is searching for solutions to their problems with those keywords and if you don’t give them, it’ll be difficult for your brand to stand out.

There are online tools like Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner that can help you figure out the exact keywords that your audience is searching for.

You can easily create content around those keywords. With that content at the place, there will be massive traffic on your website, and as a result, your search engine rank will improve.


Study your competition

Just knowing your audience and figuring out the keywords is not enough to make a successful content marketing strategy. You need to monitor, examine, and spy on your competitors too.

If your competitors are already in the business for long, then this is your chance to learn a thing or two from their experience.

It’s good to know what your competitors are doing and what they’re avoiding. Study the topics, keywords, and the length of their content. Find out the websites that your competitors are using to build their reputation.

Keep in mind that when your link is mentioned on a high-domain website, it helps Google to increase the rank of your website.

And most importantly, the last step in your content strategy is to monitor the distribution channels of your competitors.


Pick the Right Distribution Channel

For this, you just need to see what your competitors are using as a content distribution channel. You might not use the same distribution channel for your brand because you have a different target audience.

For a small business, it is necessary to pick a handful of distribution channels at the start.

For instance

  • You can start a blog and share your expertise in your niche.
  • Start making video tutorials and share them on YouTube.
  • Go live on Insta and tell why your brand is different than others.

You have a different target audience than your competitor, so you must pick the distribution channel that is convenient for your audience.


Final Thoughts

Treat your content as the soul of your brand. If your soul is dead, who will engage with you or give you attention?

No one. You don’t need to create content for the sake of just fabricating it. You need to create content that adds value to your target audience.

And after the creation of that connects, you need to follow the steps mentioned above to develop a content marketing strategy that will take your content and deliver it to your target audience.

One of the most common blunders that startups make early in their career is that they don’t focus on content creation and distribution. They think that it’s just part of a business, and taking it casually will do excellent, which is wrong.

Content is something that creates your brand reputation. Content is a bridge between a brand and its consumers. Without a solid content marketing strategy, it will be impossible to survive in a world full of competitors working hard to beat you with every available tool out there.

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