How to Submit your Business to Apple Maps

Local Businesses are getting more and more competitive with each passing day and in order to cater more traffic, one needs to be almost at all the places where the targeted audience is expected. Google Maps are very important when it comes to Local business search and that is why it is always recommended for every business to register on Google Maps.

Get in to your analytics and you will probably witness a graph like this!

If you closely look into the graph you will notice that the mobile traffic is increasing, in the case represented here is the list of top 5 mobile devices from where the traffic is coming.

As you see, most of the traffic is coming from iPhone, iPad and iPod.

On Nov 11th 2013, Apple Map marketing discussed Comscore’s data on their blog,“63% of iPhone Owners Use Apple Maps”Says Comscore. When more than half of the iPhone users are using Apple Maps, it is important for a business to get listed in Apple Maps.

How to submit your business for Apple Maps?

There is not really a direct place from where you can submit your business to apple maps but here is what you can do!

Take your iPhone, iPad or iPod in hand and go to Apple Maps. Remember you should have to have iOS 6 or latest version. Search for your “Business +City” or “Business + City + State” and see if your business is available in Apple maps. In-case the business is not available here is what you can do!

Report your Location to Apple Maps:

  1. Search For your Location
  2. In the location details section click “Report a Link”
  3. Choose “others” on the ‘report a problem’ page
  4. Add your business data via the various fields and submit.

*It is still unclear how often Apple updates the maps based on user reporting but I think they are considering user data seriously.

Another way to get listed in Apple maps is via submitting your business to YELP which is the leading directory of local businesses after Google.

If traffic on your website is increasing from iPhone and related devices, then it is always a wise decision to check and see if you are listed in Apple Maps and in-case not, you should consider adding one!

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