The Google Penguin #Meme

Remember a few years back we came across a Penguin, that helped us saved the marine life   in Antarctic through his dance (yes the #happyfeet). The history repeated it self and another Penguin was born to rescue…

Google Penguin, the latest update by Google was designed to kick the crap out of Google search results. The effect of penguin was undoubtedly huge on online businesses that spend lot of the time building quantity instead of quality.

In my personal opinion Penguin hit was pretty much logical as quality deserve to stay on the top. This never means that Google is clean and you cannot witness any SPAM in search results but in now rate of SPAM is pretty low as compared to pre-penguin era.

If you are a blogger, writer who is writing anything related to penguin then these memes might help you promote and deliver your message louder then you expect.

Note: Please feel free to re-use these memes in your content or link to it.

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