Things you should be doing before you send Outreach emails

Reaching out to people and building relationship is one of the integral parts of whole SEO campaign. It’s safe to say that no successful SEO campaign cannot complete without outreaching. But unfortunately not many people are doing it the right way.

If you think that outreaching is all about finding email addresses of the influencers and sending them emails then this is not really the approach I will recommend. In my opinion there is a step by step game that leads to successful outreaching.

In this post I am going to discuss things that one should know and implement before they actually start writing emails to the list of influencers.

  • Document the list of Prospects

One of the biggest problems I see when people outreach is that they count on only a few influencers; they just find their email addresses and start writing them emails. This probably is not a good approach in my opinion. My idea is to document list of targeted prospects in an excel sheet (make sure it doesn’t consist of number of influencers of your industry if not all) and use tools like BuzzSumo and FollowerWonk to find the prospects that they may or may not know and make the final list of prospects.

Once you will do that, you will find out that some of these people who you think are your targeted prospects may or may not be the ideal choice for your campaign.

  • Re-evaluate the list based on targeted actions

When you are outreaching, it’s not necessary that you are only asking for link or guest blogging opportunity. There are many more reasons why you should outreach like asking for social shares, content review, suggestions and more.

For instance if you have created an amazing piece of content and reaching out people for link, then Rand Fishkin might not be a good choice as expecting a link from him is very difficult if not impossible. But if you document the list of prospects and divide them on basis of what you want from them then this can do wonders.

Influencers like Rand are great when you reachout and ask for a twitter share, if the content is worthy, he might do that, which later can convert in to multiple links. As compare to him I am a better choice as if I like the content, I probably pass you a link which benefit you as well as my audience.

  • Be a known face for your prospects first!

When you will document the list of prospects based on their blog, domain authority, social power and more, you can find out many ideal prospects that you might not have come across till then.

Pro tip: Before emailing them, try to be a known face for them.

There are multiple ways that you can use to become a known face for them which includes subscribing to their subscription list, write meaningful comments on their blog, write a review about their book or itune (if there is any) and more.

If you simply write emails to them, asking for a link, the response rate might be low or in some cases none.

  • Find out their likes and dislikes

Remember the last failed campaign you were involved in? This is probably one of the reasons why campaign failed or atleast rate of response was not up to the mark. Because you wrote those email without knowing much about recipients and as a result they ignore your email at all.

Next time, in order to get a better response rate, you need to look a bit deeper in to what your prospects really like and dislike, what are they up to these days and document it all in a sheet so that you can draft better emails that give recipient a sense of personalization.

When the recipient feel that you have researched on them before sending the email, they will appreciate your time and responds back to you accordingly.

  • Recheck your email before you hit the send button

Your rate of response is pretty much depends upon the way you write your email. It’s important to recheck and go through the checklist of do’s and don’ts before you hit the send button. I wrote a post on that talks about writing the outreach email the right way.

Go through the ideas I have mentioned there and before you send the email make sure that your email contains all what it takes to get attention of the recipient and make them respond to the email.


The whole game of outreaching is not about finding a bunch of addresses and sending them emails. But in my opinion the success of an outreach campaign is to document the recipients, set expectations from each of them and do everything that will make them perform actions that you ideally want them to do.

Also, before you get set go, try to set some metrics to measure success of your campaign it can be in terms of numbers of links, shares, etc. So let’s say the campaign will be successful, if you receive XX% of responses, atleast XX% should contain a positive response. In against of the campaign should atleast get XX amount of social shares and links pointing back to the website.

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