Tips to increase your chances of success as a Startup

“Startups” is the most buzzword these days in the business world. Websites like Next Big What, Killer Startups have been actively discussing about new and existing startups every single day. Similarly publications like, Forbes and are writing about startup tips, techniques and tools that will help you get started with low and even no money at all.

Think of a problem and I can assure that there will at least be one startup  already providing that solution for the audience even if there isn’t any, I am sure there will be someone in their doom room experimenting about how that issue can be resolved.

Unfortunately, the success rate of startup is very low. According to few studies on the internet 8 out 10 startups fail in their first year of operations. There are tons of article that will tell you what mistakes startup do in the beginning that tank their idea .

But, in this post I am not really going to discuss what you shouldn’t be doing as a startup, rather I will dive deep into successful startups that achieved crazy success in a short period of time and takeaways for existing as well as new startups that can help them grow better.

Note: Every startup is different and has different dynamics, audience and level of stability. I will highly suggest you to take a careful look at your current condition before implementing any of these on your own startup.

Business Plan: Everything black and white

I looked myself and talked to many startup owners specially the one who have achieve a great success and one thing was crystal clear with all of them. No matter how many startup speaker advices that having a business plan for a startup is not important, you MUST to have a business plan.

Why? No not because it will help you get funded or investors will take you seriously but because if everything from planning to execution, marketing and future projections will be black and white you won’t get distracted in the middle of progressive era.

Thinking about a startup is easy but execution is difficult and mostly team get distracted from the actual goals. The only way to bring them back to the point is a business plan for your startup.

Take time and write your business plan, mention your vision, mission, strategy and future growth.  Make yourself and your team to consider that document as your working bible and you will have more chances of success.

Want to know what take from debt to a 31 million plus in revenue in just few years? They stick up to their vision, their reason of existence and future projects were documented which allow the team to work in one direction of success.

Don’t Sell, Help them to buy

It’s a common myth that startup is all about quitting your job and start working on your idea to make your money. Rather startup means you have to work hard to solve a targeted problem and your audience will be happy to pay you for it.

This general marketing formula works like a thumb rule in the startup world. You don’t have to rant about your services, you have to reach out to your audience and explain how your product can help them solve their problem effectively as well as efficiently. is a startup that helps business understand their audience better and help make necessary changes to convert them in to customers. Here is their blog check them out and see how they never rant about their product and still manage to retain their customers, growing every year.

Your wish is our command

If you want to simplify start as a service provider, it can’t be simpler than this. If your audience wants something and you are not providing it, chances are someone else will and they will move within days.

If you want a success of a startup, always keep a close eye on what clients want and try to make it possible for them. At end of the day it’s a business and in order to retain current client base, you need to make them realize that their money is well spent.

All successful Startups I know, have built a close bond with their customers and provide them everything that they want which is why their customer does not only stick with them but become their brand advocates.

ClickDesk is a prominent name in live chat industry not only because they are less expensive but also they have managed to fulfil the wishes of their customers. They are currently available for almost all famous platforms and tools available today. No matter what CMS you are using, they will be there for you.

Determination and Discipline

If you are not discipline or not determinant towards your goal chances are you will be distracted from your plan and get stuck with things in between. The idea is to stick to your plan and move ahead step by step as planned.

Disciplined startups always manage to stick up to their plan and move forward towards the goal. This will not only make them managed but audience tend to trust them more which allow them to create a better place in the market for themselves.

Discipline without determination will hang you in between and never let you grow big. Once you as a team will be determinant, you will face every challenge and manage to go big in no time.

There were many apps before Sound Cloud and even after that but what makes it really significant was their discipline and seriousness with the audience.

If you notice the examples I have mentioned above are not all Billion Dollar startups, however, they are still growing but within small time they get the kind of success which is rear and if you dive deep in to their systems you will figure out that above mentioned few pointers that many consider less important actually help them reach up to that level.

As a startup just pick up above-mentioned ideas and integrate in your system. Surely you’re your chances of success and growth will be more prominent.

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