Top 5 Memes in the Internet Marketing Industry

Meme is one of the most buzzed word in SEO community… Memes go viral easily! Wait let me correct myself good memes go viral easily but the problem with most viral things is; they usually got ripped off by spammers and people who invest their time building low quality content. Infographics is one of the latest examples of it; Google few days back announced that they might discount the links from infographics…

Good news is that even if spammers and low quality content producers hijack the front line somehow, quality content in any format will make its own way to the top. Here are few of the web marketing memes that are really famous in the industry and have received lots of appreciation and re sharing.


Damn, I guess this guy is as famous as Matt Cutts, Danny Sullivan or Rand Fishkin in the web marketing industry ;). Just go to Google Image search and search this photo and you will get to know the fame this meme have earned!


“Yes! I am a born model” :). This is another amazing meme that most people use in their posts, on facebook and almost everywhere on the internet. I just searched this image in Google image search and what I got was about 2,310,000 results (0.86 seconds). I mean this is really crazy!


Ok, this is another one that I really love because of the fact that this cartoon portrays frustration level of many SEO “EX”perts, around the world who are hating Penguin at the moment, just perfectly.  This might surprise you that this picture is one of the important link building ingredient for many bloggers in the web marketing industry.


Oh, how can we forget this awesome meme that goes viral every time you publish it? Most amazing part about this meme is that the first text line of this meme stays same in almost all cases.

This is kind of a meme where the sentence ‘use it to win it’ fits best!


Talking about web marketing and not talking about Matt Cutts that’s pretty lame actually! This meme is interesting for almost the same reason as the 4th one… Only difference here is;  punch line (2nd line) always remains the same that is ‘Great Content’

Just do searches for this image in Google Image search and you will notice this interesting pattern!!

These are the top 5 most used memes in web marketing industry and if you know how and when to use memes then this can really help you build links… lot of them 🙂

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