Top 5 Yoda Quotes for Entrepreneurs


Yoda was not only a grand master of the Jedi Order but it was an amazing character and if you personally ask me I would recommend Yoda to anyone with the entrepreneurial mindset. One of the many reasons to quote him is because his quotes are very simple yet very inspirational and can possibly change the life of many.

In this post, I thought why not discuss some of the amazing quotes by Yoda and how these quotes can help one becoming a better leader in his organization instead of being a boss or a manger.

Be a Leader, Not a Boss!

If you are an entrepreneur or a CEO of a company or startup, one of the first things you need to learn is not to be a boss but be a leader. This is because boss gives instructions, whereas leader leads the team. Boss goes for tried and tested formulas, whereas leader tends to go for calculated risks to set a new mark in the game.

Leaders coach their team, boss derives them. Leaders provide solutions, whereas bosses discuss them. Leaders generate enthusiasm and bosses usually inspire fear.

So, if you want 9 to 5 employees you can be a boss but if you are looking for a team who take your business to the next level you have to act like a leader!

The kind of leader that goes on Goodwill, instead of depending on authority!

Here are some of the quotes from Yoda that help you become a leader that ask his team to say “Let’s go” instead of “go!”

“Always pass on what you have learned.”

This is not only an advice but an attitude that makes one a leader. I have worked under multiple banners as a consultant and sit with more than two dozen of managers, one thing that I have extracted out of these meeting is that if you are a leader you will look at the bigger picture and teach others what you have learned over the period of time so that you can help them progress better.

Take this purely from a business perspective. If you are a CEO of company and you prefer not to teach them what you have learned over the years, what will happen? Your team will make the same mistakes again and your company will not be able to come up with something really new and big to the table.

Leaders always prefer passing what they have learned so that their team can save time and focus on doing something new which at the end of the day will benefits your company and you.

“PATIENCE YOU MUST HAVE my young padawan”

Another great advice, especially if you are entrepreneur or planning to start your own business. Remember, no matter how hardcore you plan is, you will end up facing situations that you might not have calculated before.

The business life might sounds like a glam especially if you have read stories of people who got success overnight just because their idea was different yet, digestible for the audience. The reality is that at the back of this glam world, there are lots of perks and peeves!

If you are a leader, this is the one advice that will help you in your worst times. You have to have patience in order to face and deal with the situations in such a way that you get out of it accordingly. Leaders with patience always go the long way, one of the example is Richard Branson who have list of failed ventures but still considered to be the brightest brain in America as far as entrepreneurship is concerned.

“The fear of loss is a path to the Dark Side.”

This is clear, straightforward and to the point. One of the qualities of a good leader as we discussed above was that leaders take calculated risk in order to set new marks in the game where as bosses prefer to stick to tried and tested techniques.

I am not saying sticking up to tried and tested formula is a bad idea but if you are going to go by the book, you are only going to get what book says or even a bit less but what if you understand the situation, do your math and go for something new and out of the box. This might sounds risky but if the calculations are right you can hit a new mark in the game and this is exactly what big businesses do. They set records instead of chasing them.

When you will take a risk, there will be always a margin of failure it but if you won’t try anything new just because of the fear of losing, will make you lose any way as you will be left way behind in the race.

“If no mistake have you made, yet losing you are … a different game you should play”

This clearly means that one have to stop doing the same stuff repeatedly and expecting a different results. As discussed above, if you are a leader you will face the problem and find a different solution to the problem, Leaders are never scared of experimenting and finding solutions to problems.

Not only that, but they lead the team from the front, instead of giving the directions to the team by using the authority. If you are not comfortable taking risks and trying out a different solution the problem while leading the team from the front, you probably should leave as this game is not for you, any ways.

“So certain are you. Always with you it cannot be done. Hear you nothing that I say?”

If I have to explain this quote in one sentence, I will say this to all those passive mindset in businesses who always believe that certain things are impossible to do until some set an example for them.

What was the cellphone before apple? A screen and number pad attached to it, no one could have imagined the possibility of a button less phone. Apple does that and it was not a change, it was revolution in the world of communication. Apple became the first actual smartphone and until today, no one can beat apple because of what they have done in the cell phone industry.

Steve Jobs had the vision and a positive mindset that took the cellphone industry to a new height. If you are a true leader, you need to have such a vision or else you are nothing.

Entrepreneurship is not easy as many think it is and there are times when you actually lose your faith in yourself. These Yoda quotes are actually amazing for the entrepreneurs of all ages as this will keep them motivated towards the goal which is success. One world!

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  1. Reply

    “Always pass on what you have learned.”

    Now THAT’S a gem!

    Great idea for a fun and shareable post, Moosa!

  2. Reply

    “Always pass on what you have learned.”

    Now THAT’S a gem!

    Great idea for a fun and shareable post, Moosa!

  3. Reply

    “Always pass on what you have learned.”

    Now THAT’S a gem!

    Great idea for a fun and shareable post, Moosa!

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