Twitter For SEO – A Quick Guide

Are you jealous of those competitors that appear above you in Google search results?

Let me tell you what is more jealous-worthy. It is that their tweets start showing up in Google search results.

In a time where every brand is busy acquiring new customers, dealing with old customers.

It is time that you stop wasting too much budget on social media ads and influencers because Twitter is a social media platform that can help you to appear in search result pages.

You might be asking, Is Twitter good for SEO? Of course, it is. By using Twitter, you can dominate and take control of your exposure at the same time.

Take a deep breath, people. Google-featured tweets are now within your grasp.

Why is traffic from Twitter necessary for SEO?

For more than a decade, the most relevant content was displayed on Google in the form of content and links.

Apart from quality content on the website, it should be unique, keyword-rich content, and the content needs to meet the demand set by Google.

While some of these factors still play a significant role, one of the most common ranking factor as per SEMrush is direct traffic on the website.

twitter traffic

As you can see that the direct traffic is the highest-ranking factor, and this also concludes that high traffic on the website denotes high authority by Google, which means that there is valuable content on your site.

Is Twitter good for SEO?

We all know by now that Twitter is the quickest way to drive insane traffic, build credibility, and establish a reputation that is necessary for SEO.

While there is a debate going on between social signals and SEO, the relation between traffic and ranking is irrefutable.

For a new website, Twitter can bring much traffic, which means there is a ray of hope for people who have a business account on Twitter but don’t have a clue what to do with it.

What you can do right now is to strategize your content marketing so that you can expand your reach, attract potential clients, and bring quality traffic that will help with website SEO.

Start with compelling carousels

Google BERT update is less about keyword stuffing, and more about the brand is relevant to the customer.

With Twitter carousels, it’s easy to grab the attention of the user by giving out information that demands reading and sharing.

Check how Whole Foods and ThinkGeek are using carousels to create a great first impression on the user, giving them a chance to get featured in search results.

compelling carousel

compelling carousel

Did you check how the brand is invoking a feeling among the user?

We can easily conclude that the Twitter carousel is not at all about famous brands. If you are a smaller brand, you can also get your tweet featured in the search results by giving out valuable information in the tweet.

You don’t need a verified twitter account to create a carousel. Sure, brands and influencers will get their carousels featured more quickly, but that doesn’t mean that you must verify your account. It would help if you had a little more time to plan your tweet, and when you post valuable tweets, you will surely be noticed by Google.

Rank Individual Tweets

You might have noticed that Google is not at all indexing all of your tweets. The representatives of Google use specific social signals to understand the importance of a tweet.

Some of the tweets that you do will fall under an individual tweet page under a specific category. Of course, these types of links are difficult to predict, and the results are highly dependent on the number of likes and RTs that a tweet gets.

However, a regular tweet which carries links is easy to rank. For instance, when you embed a tweet, there is this iframe along with embed code, which Google understands as a link and can be posted in blog posts and webpages.

For instance, I follow Chris Silver Smith just because he delivers valuable content. I’ve seen many of his tweets being featured in Google search results.

Last year, one of his tweets even got featured in Google search results for some time.

Rank tweets

Get featured on Google with Twitter Search Engine

Just like SEO is in sync with Google, but that is not the only place where people search for brands.

If you ask me, whenever I feel like checking out the real brand, I visit their Twitter page. You’ll get all the insights regarding what is going on with the brand.

Social media platforms like Twitter have their search engine that is being used by millions of users every day. And let’s not at all forget Pinterest, which is the visual search engine for many.

It is not just about Twitter when you stay consistent with quality. That few tweets that you do every day plan them carefully. While you might think that these platforms are not helping your overall SEO, there will be a time when your tweets will automatically get indexed by Google, and other users will discover them and found them useful too.

Engage Earnestly with your tribe

While the primary area of focus should be to create as many social signals as possible, you must make a genuine effort to engage users too.

Search for industry experts and break the ice with them. Understand them. Show them respect and reply to their tweets. You can even go to their blog and leave comments.

Another way is to respond to direct messages promptly.

engage audience

Gary V puts it brilliantly in his book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, roughly translates to “One way to entice people in sharing your content is to give, give, give them before you ask for a favor.”

When you share content with other people/brands, the industry news, and articles of valuable publications, there is a chance that these brands will notice you, and you might get some attention with a retweet. And when someone from the higher tier shares your tweet, it earns you trust and confidence in Google.

Treat Hashtags as a steering wheel

Mostly, people treat hashtags as a spare wheel. Something to keep in the car as a backup.

When in reality, a hashtag is the steering wheel in your tweet.

The whole tweet can be summarized with a hashtag. Your customers will know what the tweet is all about and, more importantly, when a search engine spider crawls your tweet, and it will instantly categorize the tweet and make it available when the search term is triggered.

Regardless of how twisted twitter algorithm is, one thing is for sure. If you want to rank your tweets higher in the twitter timeline, hashtags are one way to do it.

Even studies showed that tweets with hashtags create two times more engagement than a standard tweet. Additionally, they have a 55% chance of getting retweets.

You can use hashtag search tools to know which of the hashtags are trending or have a high search volume. Any more than 1-2 hashtags won’t be effective at all.

The former 140 character limit increased to 280 doesn’t indicate that you can use as many hashtags as you can. It means that you need to create more engaging content, and with each tweet, there must be a well-thought, high-volume hashtag.


Last but most important thing to remind yourself is to make your tweet as relevant as you can and make it feel natural to the tweet.

Don’t you ever try to spam the tweet with some random hashtags? It will be irrelevant to your tweet, and most importantly, it will make Google mad. Moreover, your audience will be irritated for too many spammy tags and will be thankful if you use relevant, powerful hashtags.

In a Nutshell

If you are a startup, hashtags will help you get traffic on your website. If you are a medium-sized business, hashtags will help you establish a reputation for your brand in the digital world, and if you are a big brand, be careful. Because a single negative hashtag can destroy your online reputation.

In short, the user of hashtags will affect your brand one way or another. However, what you cannot do is leave the hashtags and think that you cannot do anything with those hashtags. As they say, good things take time.

So, if you are a struggling startup, using the right hashtags will help you to build a reputation, offer value, and at the same time, earn the trust of the customers.

It is not a choice anymore. You can either use the hashtags and make it difficult for your competitors to reach you, or you can ignore this post and go back to sleep.

However, if you don’t execute something, how will you know, is twitter good for SEO? So, for the sake of curiosity, you must take some time and figure out the effects of hashtags on your brand health.

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