What Bloggers Can Learn from the Best Customer Service Teams

Blogging isn’t easy, and sometimes it might feel like the more you blog, the harder it gets. But let me share a secret with you: successful bloggers aren’t just writers; they’re customer service experts who work hard to build a brand around their readers, treating their readers as customers. In fact, practicing smart customer engagement can be the key to becoming a successful blogger.

Two tough things that bloggers at every stage come across frequently are rejection and writer’s block! Articles get rejected whether you’re pitching them to an online magazine or working on guest blog posts, and sometimes the ideas for your own blog content just don’t seem to be flowing.

Rejection of articles and lack of ideas are two issues that even happen to the most successful bloggers with super-
high publication rates. As you push through those issues, sometimes with a post you will get pure vitriol and negativity in the comments section or on social media, something that can make you even question your existence as a blogger.

In my personal experience, I think it’s actually good to deal with such tough times because that’s when you can really push through and come forward with a piece that dwarfs everything else you write. If there is at least one kind of a profession that shows similar if not more resilience than bloggers needs to have, it’s that of a customer service person. You know the kind, when you work with enough blogs or even just spend time dealing with a variety of websites and companies online, you see how their presence and work seriously impacts certain websites and blogs. In fact, there are blogs that are run parallel to certain businesses which cannot get a day ahead without having someone who is interacting and communicating with the customers. You know why that sounds familiar? Because a good blog works similarly: someone needs to be interacting with the readers, whether that is your post or you yourself through comments.

However there are multiple things that you can pick up and pick up well from customer services, and these go a long way in enhancing your skill as a blogger. Learning from effective customer support teams is a key to unlocking the potential of your blogging career:

They Teach You To Be Adaptable:

You should not be surprised when your editor or some comment on your post clearly points out how your written post does not address a certain section of your audience. As your posts get more traffic, your audience will be become more diversified. Not only that, your blog just might address a niche that targets a diverse crowd too. In both cases, just targeting the niche is not enough; your post must be structured and toned to speak to these people too.

Customer service teams at ClickDesk are trained to speak to each customer specifically and address their needs. Imagine an online retail store that gets orders or cancellations. In case of any live query, the CS team not only seeks to provide the answer but also ensure that the customer or the prospective customer does not get out of the call without having each of their relevant needs served and questions answered. As a blogger you seek to do the same, you adapt to different tones and structures all within your self-expression so that more people and more kinds of people are more inclined to listen to what you have to say and write.

Thick Skin:

Not every post you write will be received well. That’s a fact no matter how you look at it. In fact as you become more frequent as a blogger, more nuanced in your knowledge and more of an expert in your domain, you will see people disagreeing and challenging your research and opinions. No matter what kind of a client support team anyone works for, they are trained to develop patience. The client or the customer may come at them with a towering temper and choice words and they have to handle the situation with patience. At times these unpleasant dealings can even leave you low on morale so the thick skin really counts for picking yourself up and going towards the next call when in reality they might be feeling like breaking their desk in front of them!

How many of you have received negative reviews or seemingly negative feedback on a blog post? It’s normal for even really good writers. Every blogger goes through this. The trick though is simply to pick you back up and say “okay let’s get cracking on the next piece”. No matter how many comments or reviews belittle your post as uninspiring or mediocre, you can learn from them and create something better and your next work will likely be better received.

Being personal:

Interacting with a customer is all about giving them what they want. The newer code of this service is now about taking your dealing with customer one step further and interacting with them on a personal level. That’s the best lesson you can get as a blogger: if your readers can relate to your writings on a personal level then you have that reader hooked for the longest time possible. They’ll keep coming back for more. Subscribers, constant commenters, fans of your writings: as a blogger you can ask for nothing more.

Take example of some of the better known bloggers out there and all of them thrive on one thing at least: they make themselves distinct to the reader. The best way of doing that is by adapting a manner or a tone that makes the reader relate to your topic or your post a lot more on a personal level. Relay a past experience or talk about something closer to your readers’ line of thinking and environment and mention how that experience impacted you. Even if the entire breadth of your post is not a story, one paragraph of personalized input is all it takes to hook a reader.

Being knowledgeable

Many bloggers make the grave mistake of thinking that their knowledge on the subject of the post only stretches as far as the blog post itself. If you actively promote or work on getting more readers on a post then you will soon be interacting with all sorts of people on Facebook or Twitter regarding your writing and industry. It pays to have extra knowledge about the relevant subject because not only can you add more to the discussion brought forward by the audience and the readers but in these questions you can discover the next title that might be going live on your blog.


Your blogging success is not just about how well versed you are as a writer but also how diverse and attentive you are in dealing with your readers and exploring their interests, too. After all, you want more people to read what you write and you want them to interact and give you more ideas. The more ideas you have and the more you learn about your niche, the more you’ll be able to write and the easier it will be to establish your blog as an authority.

Customer service isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. Remember to think about your readers as customers, and blogging success will come naturally. Learning from the best customer service teams is an ongoing process–as you become an expert in customer service on the day-to-day level, you’ll become dedicated to customer happiness, and happy readers are engaged readers who love to share content with their friends!

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