White Hat vs Black Hat

White Hat vs Black Hat: Who Is The Real King?

To get rich, you have two ways. You can either work every day like hell and get to the top –the extended way, or murder your competitor and take its place in the market- the fastest way. Both will get you what you need, but both have their consequences. Same goes for the White hat and Black hat SEO. When we compare white hat vs black hat, we realize that black hat SEO is a quicker way to reach the top, but if Google finds out, you’ll be banned for life.

On the contrary, if you move forward with white hat SEO techniques, you’ll live to get to your destination a little late, but you’ll be more stable.

The phrase, “The White Hat” has been adopted from the early Western films where the hero used to wear a white hat while a black hat recognized the villain. This was the most straightforward distinguishing feature that separated good from the bad.

Various industries adopted the terminology. I am sure you would have heard about black hat and white hat hackers differentiating the non-ethical from the ethical ones.  

White Hat Vs Black hat SEO- Exploring the Comparison

As a marketer or even a website owner, you must be aware of these terms and what they mean. The white hat SEO means that the service opts for experts that follow the rules set by Google. They use the best ethical methods to rank websites and put forward guidelines set by search engines.

And when you compare white hat vs black hat techniques, you will realize that black hat SEO, is used by people who are novice and want to get instant results. They use riskier methods that might rank a website temporarily, but if Google finds out that the methods are unethical, the website might face a penalty and lifetime ban from search engines.

Difference Between Black Hat and White Hat SEO

Good and Bad practices

There are a few rules set by various search engines. That’s because it is their playground, and if you are willing to survive in their playground, you must play by their rules.

Mostly, major search engines use algorithms which are developed over the years. This is done to catch the websites that are using unethical practices to rank higher.

This means that search engines are determining the authenticity of each website and making sure that everyone gets a fair chance.


Basic Guidelines by Google

One of the fastest ways to do white hat SEO is to follow the guidelines set by Google. Google calls them “Quality guidelines”. These are simple-to-follow guidelines that enable website owners to identify the quality of their website and how it can be improved to get discovered by Google.

When evaluating white hat vs black hat SEO, remember this. There are a variety of black hat SEO activities mentioned in the guidelines that must be not be used, to keep the website in the good books of Google.  To stay in the white zone, it is essential to follow the guidelines that will likely put your website on the right spot.

And it is a good practice to check Google Webmaster from time to time that will help you to analyze and understand the mistakes done by you. You’ll be able to know if the techniques are not out of bounds of Google.

Follow the search engine guidelines: The no brainier rule is to follow the guidelines set by various search engines. There are proper ways to optimize your website; upon doing so, you’ll be able to get your website indexed.

Please focus on the human audience: When writing content for the website, the purpose of the content must be to provide value to the visitor. Google’s top priority is to provide users with valuable data. If the content on the website is just stuffed keywords, it will not rank in the top pages of Google.

Publishing high-quality content and decreasing page-load time are few important pointers to improve the performance of the website in the eyes of Google.

It’s a long-haul approach: Surely, it takes time for an excellent website to rank high in Google. That’s because Google now looks for positive experiences created for the user. The Black hat tactics might rank the website high in Google, but because of the overall experience, the website will soon vanish from search engines for good.

The white hat SEO tactics might take a long time to show results, but once you follow these techniques, they’ll leave a long-term footprint for the user to follow.

Avoid these Black hat SEO tactics

The manipulative tactics: At times, the novice SEO guys suggest to stuff keywords at the end of every page. This is done to increase keyword intensity. But this can backfire as in doing so, the content will not make any sense to the user. Look at the example of keyword stuffing below:

“Looking for the best vacuum cleaner? You’ve come to the right place for the best vacuum cleaner. Our brand offers the best vacuum cleaner that you could want. Lightweight, yet powerful, this is the best vacuum cleaner for all your cleaning needs. Best vacuum cleaner.”

Note that the term ‘best vacuum cleaner’ in the above example is used multiple times, and is at times out of context or irrelevant to the main topic of the content. Doesn’t this sound unnatural and awkward?

Don’t go for quick wins: Guest posting on black-listed websites is a sin that cannot be revoked. A practice often followed by SEO guys to gain link popularity from various websites must be avoided at all costs. Ensure that you choose high DA websites to guarantee that your website will not face any difficulty later.

Redirecting to other pages: This is one of the most popular techniques used to drive traffic on pages. When a user clicks on a link for a specific piece of information, they are redirected to some other page. This frustrates them, and they often leave the website without saying anything, but Google notices it and takes action.

Duplicating content: Although this not done openly but as soon as Google finds out duplicate content on a website, it removes the website from search results. Ensure that you index your page on Google and other search engines so that you own the content you produce.

black hat techniques

The White Hat SEO techniques to follow


To enjoy the benefits attached to white hat SEO, follow the techniques, and make a long term investment in your SEO strategy.

Quality Link Building

The guidelines set by Google are pretty simple to understand. Any links that manipulate the user is a violation of Google webmaster guidelines. So, if you want to add to white hat SEO, it is better to post links that are relevant to the theme of the website. When guest posting on websites, it is necessary to understand the importance of quality links over low-grade websites that take free links but are not relevant to your product.

Upon doing so, Google will downgrade your website. When you provide quality content, other websites will start link building to your website. However, you don’t need to post content just for the sake of links. It is against Google’s guidelines. The content that you create must be good enough so that it feels valuable and relevant to users.

Quality of the Content

According to Bing ‘Websites that are thin on content, presenting mostly ads or affiliate links, or that otherwise redirect visitors away to other sites quickly, tend not to rank well on Bing. Your content should be easy to navigate, must be rich and engaging to the website visitor, and provide the information they seek’.

The content must be written in a way that engages users and makes them curious about the product/service. When the content will deliver value and, at the same time, offer something that fulfills the need of the customer, this is where Google will value the page and rank it high in search engine results.

Therefore, no matter the quality of the content, if a black hat SEO follows it, the website will be penalized by Google and other search engines. And if you try to mix the white and black hat SEO, there are chances that your white hat SEO efforts will be wasted.


Beat high-competition with consistency

There is already a lot of completion out there. If you only want to rank high with white hat SEO, you must stay consistent with your techniques. Undoubtedly, white hat SEO might take longer, but once you invest some time daily, it will be easy for you to get ahead of your competitors.

Take the long-haul approach. This means sticking to one thing for long. Get hold of one technique, and practice it hard. This will give you an edge over the other participants in the market.

In the end

It is all about creating content and following white hat strategies that will help you create a strong standing in search engine results. The strategies mentioned above are based on the guidelines set by Google and other search engines.

Undoubtedly, the competition might try to follow some black hat SEO strategies to gain a temporary advantage over you. Don’t make the mistake of following any of such strategies. You should report any suspicious activities that you find.

It takes a lot of time, energy, and hard work to rank a website. Don’t destroy the reputation by following the unethical black hat SEO techniques. To make a firm standing on search results, it is essential to follow the right approach and do things as per the guidelines by Google, as now you already know who the real king is!

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