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8 Tips To Writing The Perfect Headline For Your Blog Post

That is how an average user responds to everything that appears in front of their eyes”Scan. Reject. Scan. Reject. Scan … Click!“. In social media, on blogs, everyone scans the headlines and decides whether the blog post is worth pursuing or dismissing right away.A perfect headline is extremely important to bring the reader into view an article or advertisement.

Winning today depends mostly on the quality of the headline. That is why it is impossible to oversee its importance. You will be judged instantly, ruthlessly by these sets of words.

“Five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” ~David Ogilvy

Do you know that CopyBlogger states that 80% of your visitors will only read your blog headlines? And if the headline is not compelling, they will simply move on to the next blog or website.

As a business owner or a digital marketer, it is compulsory to learn how to write magnetic headlines.

If you don’t have a clue on how to write headlines that will drive sales, then this is your lucky day. In this blog, you’ll learn the secrets and apply them to your next business blog.

Write more headlines

Let me confess. I have cracked the code for Upworthy’s mystery 80,000,000 unique visits per month. It took me four months to crack the code, but, in the end, it was all worth it. The secret is: for every post, Upworthy writes around 25 various headlines, and A/B test them for the most likable and sharable title. Upworthy does not care about poor grammar or the length of the headline. They simply write headlines, and science does the magic.

While conducting research, I came across these rules that Upworthy uses to brainstorm their headlines.

Write more headlines

Use Big numbers in listicles

When users search a topic on a search engine, mostly they are looking to learn, educating themselves. In this case, the more is better. Would you prefer to read, “6 ways to grow your business” or “27 ways to grow your business”. Precisely the second title will not just attract more customers; it will engage more visitors to your blog. Why? Because it promises more value and hopefully delivers more ideas than the first one.

A sense of urgency always helps

We, humans, are accustomed to urgency. The appeal “now,” “today,” “last day today” makes us do impulsive buying. A similar thing happens when you add “7 ways to make money online right NOW” or “8 sure-shot ways to get insane traffic TODAY” are more appealing than, “7 ways to make money” or “8 sure-shot ways to get insane traffic”. Alternatively, by showing the effects of ignorance, you can appeal to more customers. For instance, “10 mistakes that entrepreneurs make in their first startup”. This is both important and urgent because an entrepreneur must learn from mistakes rather than making them a part of their journey.

sense of urgency

Use power trigrams

Buzzsumo conducted a study to learn what makes a headline attractive and engaging. This study was different in two ways. Firstly, 100,000,000 headlines were analyzed. Second, the core focus of the study was to analyze trigrams – a group of three words. The results concluded that people got engaged with trigrams when used in the headline.

These are some common trigrams that were most used in the headlines. Study them, make them part of your headline, and get social engagement like never before.

power trigrams

Ask a question

When you ask a question, it helps in two ways. First, it creates a psychological effect, creating a sense of wonder in the mind of the user. Even though there are many answers on the internet, there is still a lot of room for new ones.

Secondly, Google is now focused on the search query. It is called Latest Semantic Indexing, LSI, which is key to SEO. And Google is focused on natural language, which can create relevance for humans.

Nowadays, with the rise of voice search, people are using their voices instead of fingers to search on the internet. And in voice search, it is more about the complete sentence rather than a few words.

For example:

  • Why Cats feel lazy all the time? 5 ways to energize your cat.
  • How can you be a Superhero? Brilliant ways to strengthen your skills.
  • How does social media affect your SEO?
  • How can I increase the sales of my business without killing my rivals?

Put the keyword first

An amazing way to attract the attention of visitors is to add target phrases right in the front. In this way, the user will know exactly what the blog is all about.

Even if you cannot think of a good headline, you can capture the attention of the user after the colon. This is an excellent way to make the heading, search-friendly, and user-friendly too. When you use a keyphrase, it makes it promising and triggers human psychology and sets phase for the rest of the headline.

Check out some fantastic examples from popular blogs:

  • How to rank your website: A step-by-step guide (with examples)
  • Neuromarketing Website design: 8 ways to steal the attention of users.
  • Business ideas: 25 work-from-home ideas that you can start today

Can you see the pattern? Each of the headlines is optimized in a certain way. First, the keyword is used, and after the colon, there is a promise for the user. Each promise will engage the user, and they will be forced to click on the link.

Connect Emotionally

One of the finest and most trusted headline hacks is to attract the customers on a deeper level. A good headline connects with the reader on an emotional level.

It moves them, empowers them, and touches them on an emotional level. It makes them click, act on a headline.

So, it should be more profound than just using fancy words and clever mind tricks.

The next time you plan on creating a compelling headline, put emotions in the headline.

You can also use negative keywords in the headlines. Turn to the dark side of human psychology. Make them worry, inspire them, or bring outrage in them. Use that to your advantage. Let us analyze some of the most brilliant headlines:

  • Stop! Read this if you do not want to lose potential clients anymore.
  • Eight things digital marketers will not even tell you if you ask them.
  • With a slow website you are losing $120 per month, do this instead
  • How to beat your rivals and steal the market share like a lion?

Do not reveal it all

Do you want to know one sure-shot way to get the instant attention of the visitor? Leave some secret behind. Never reveal everything in the headline. When you leave the users wanting more, they will become desperate, and they will look more in the article.

For example:

  • Some fantastic ways to grow your business fast.
  • Do not ignore this blog if you want to beat your competitor.
  • Here is how you can grow your business by 10X?
  • 15 Brilliant hacks for first-time entrepreneurs

Can you imagine leaving any of the headlines mentioned above? I do not think so. Each of these headlines has something to offer. They give away something and leave the rest on the visitor.

BUT what you need to ensure is that whatever you offer in the headline must be worth the effort. If the user did not find something in the body of the blog, soon subscribers will start speaking something which you will not like.

You need to be transparent on whatever you are offering in the headline. The blog description must give away what was demanded in the headline. In this way, you can grab the attention of the user without making them feel bad about wasting time on your blog.

Do not reveal

The closing note

There is no one way to grab the attention of the user. You must do A/B testing on each headline before you bring it in front of the audience. And as mentioned earlier, you must write lots of headlines before you pick the right one for your business. With a few headlines, it will be challenging to choose from those headlines.

Never forget that a headline will decide whether the user is interested in your blog or not. If the headline is not attractive, there is a low chance that the visitor will get even more past the headline.

Use powerful words to get the attention of the visitor. When the users realize that you have something to offer, it will be easy for them to trust you. And if the trust hits the sweet spot, the visitor will become your raving fan and will advocate your brand for you.

There is an art of writing catchy headlines. You cannot ignore a catchy headline, can you? So, what is stopping you from writing headlines that will make the users act on your headline?

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