Technical SEO Audit Service

Rowing the boat in 4 different directions make no sense when you don’t know where to go. Instead of implementing the same strategies, time and again, concentrate on doing the SEO audit of your online business so that you devise a smart plan of action.

The health status of your website gives you sheer insights related to the issues that hurt your business’s online visibility. Our SEO audit services don’t just rely on automated software reports. Instead, we provide specific insights, tailored recommendations and highly individualized strategies based on the strengths and weaknesses of your website. Our SEO audit experts perform dozens of hours of manual analyses that result in detailed action steps you can implement to take your website’s search engine visibility to the next level.

We just don’t stop at technical issues instead we take a step further to analyse your competitors, market, and influencers. We undertake the role of your customers to understand their problems and needs to help you devise a strategy to beat your opponents at the game.

Ongoing Performance Tracking

The first and foremost step is to look through your ongoing performance. With our website audit service we use analytical tools to determine the pitfall of your current performance and how benchmarks can be met.

SEO Technical Audit

Be it your hosting, indexing or crawlability problems. We can help you determine where the issues lie and how it can be solved

Local SEO Audit

We make sure you have your presence on all business submission sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages and more with exact match NAP.

Content Audit and Strategy

In content audit we scrutinize to understand why your content isn’t generating as much leads as it should and propose methods to engross and engage your potential customers.

Keyword research

With our SEO audit, you will learn how to get better visibility on search engines , and what are the best suitable keywords you could focus to get yield most profit from organic search.

Backlink Audit and Link profile analysis

We help you get a deep insight of your website performance with our link profile analysis. We instigate to find out what is limiting your website’s visibility concerning content and link mapping.

Google Penalty

Furthermore, we find out if you have been penalized by Google or at on the verge of it. We then help you construct a plan to be where your audience is.

Social media Audit

With our social media audit, we determine for effective utilization of your social media to augment your SEO and digital marketing efforts. We then help to fill in the loopholes to cater more audience through social media.

Competitive Analysis

To bring you along the journey and keep you informed of the progress, we offer reports about SEO performance, traffic data, and your search engine activity.

Once strategies are implemented, performance can be measured. We measure your performance for you so that you can keep tabs on, and know the pitfalls of your current performance.

We make use of enterprise technology to plan your projects efficiently. Our experts plan projects according to the needs and objects of each client rather than following a set course of action.

We, with the help of our seo audit services, clients develop a set of objectives and goals that their digital strategy should fulfil. Then, analytical tools are used to gauge the performance of the brand to see if the targets are met. By the end of it all, we offer recommendations about what you should do moving forward, in light of the analysis conducted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits does an SEO Audit offer to my business?

The implementation of audit recommendations and the adoption of the suggested practice will influence sales due to a highly functioning digital marketing campaign. Additionally, it can guide you where to reduce costs and make savings along with taking advantage of the available opportunities. It is also helpful in revealing practices that retain present customers and attract new prospects.

Does my website need an SEO Audit?

The answer is yes if you are striving to improve your website's SEO ranking or if you want to know what changes you need for steady progress, or just need some guidance on other strategies you should be employing. Our SEO Audit Service will help you recognize your website's search engine optimization issues, strengths, and upcoming opportunities.

What does your website audit service consist of?

Ideally, our SEO audit services include ongoing performance audit, SEO technical audit, backlink audit, and link profile analysis along with high-level content evaluation. We don’t stop at technical concerns. We also analyze your competitors, market, and influencers. We make an effort to understand your customers’ problems and help you devise a strategy to beat your competitors at the game.

How often should I get an SEO Audit?

Search engines frequently change their ranking algorithms, and your competitors are constantly updating their SEO strategies, so it is recommended that you audit your SEO on a regular basis. Moreover, if you undergo a major SEO implementation, it would also be smart to do an SEO Audit before and after so that you can measure its effectiveness.

It's all well and good to conduct an audit, but can youhelp with the findings?

As a full-service digital Marketing organization, we are able to implement the recommendations we provide. Our experts are the best in the industry and are specialists in offering high-level advice and guidance. We have conducted audits and followed through our practice recommendations for small and large firms belonging to different sectors.

How will I assess my ROI?

Consider this: traffic is valuable and important. Paying for traffic is costly, which is why shrewd business owners work hard to rank organically. An SEO audit helps you in this goal and thus can be worth thousands of dollars in terms of free traffic each month.

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